Sonoma Clean Power is a public agency based in Santa Rosa, and governed by the Sonoma Clean Power Authority. Our Board of Directors is made up of local, representatives from Sonoma and Mendocino Counties.  Participating cities of Cloverdale, Cotati, Fort Bragg, Petaluma, Point Arena, Rohnert Park, Santa Rosa, Sebastopol, Sonoma, Willits, Windsor, and the counties of Sonoma and Mendocino.


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Board of Directors

Dan Hamburg
Board Chair
Mendocino Co. Supervisor, 5th District

Alternate: Supervisor Dan Gjerde

Mark Landman
Vice Chair
City of Cotati Mayor

Alternate: John Dell’Osso

Bruce Okrepkie
Immediate Past Board Chair
Town of Windsor Mayor

Alternate: Deb Fudge

Amy Ahanotu
City of Rohnert Park Councilmember

Alternate: Gina Belforte

Melanie Bagby
City of Cloverdale Coucilmember

Alternate: Maryann Brigham

Amy Harrington
Town of Sonoma Mayor Pro Tem

Alternate: Dave Cook

Lynda Hopkins
Sonoma County Supervisor, 5th District

Alternate: Supervisor James Gore

Gabe Kearney
City of Petaluma Councilmember

Alternate: Dave King

Lindy Peters
City of Fort Bragg Mayor

Alternate: Jonathan Torrez

Patrick Slayter
City of Sebastopol Mayor

Alternate: Una Glass

Jack Tibbetts
City of Santa Rosa Councilmember

Alternate: Chris Rogers

Community Advisory Committee

The Community Advisory Committee is comprised of 7 to 11 volunteers, appointed by the SCP Board. The committee is charged with reviewing SCP’s programs, budget and rates, and advising the board on general planning and business issues.

Dick Dowd
Term Ends 12/2021

Bill Mattinson
Vice Chair
Term Ends 12/2019

Karen Baldwin
Term Ends 12/2022

Paul Brophy
Term Ends 12/2019

Joel Chaban
Term Ends 12/2022

Joe Como
Term Ends 12/2019


Anita Fenichel
Term Ends 12/2019

Mike Nicholls
Term Ends 12/2019

Helen Sizemore
Term Ends 12/2022

Denis Quinlan
Term Ends 12/2022


Ken Wells
Term Ends 12/2019

Kai Guthrie
Student Representative
Term Ends 12/2020

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Sonoma Clean Power Management & Staff


Geof Syphers

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Customer Service

Erica Torgerson
Director of Customer Service

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Nathan Kinsey
Account Executive

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Danielle Baker
Customer Care Specialist

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Sylvia Magallanes
Customer Service Representative

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General Counsel & Regulatory

Steve Shupe
General Counsel

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Neal Reardon
Director of Regulatory Affairs

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CB Hall
Compliance Analyst

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Internal Operations

Stephanie Reynolds
Director, Internal Operations

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Dora Barrera
Administrative Assistant

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Power Procurement


Deb Emerson
Director of Power Services

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Rebecca Simonson
Power Services Manager

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Carlos Gomes
Energy Market Analyst

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Cordel Stillman
Director of Programs

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Rachel Kuykendall
Programs Manager

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Chad Asay

Programs Manager

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Nelson Lomeli
Programs Specialist

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Public Affairs & Marketing

Kate Kelly
Director, Public Affairs & Marketing

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April Varellas
Marketing Specialist

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Claudia Sisomphou
Communications Coordinator

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Need to contact staff?  Email us at info@sonomacleanpower.org