Press Releases

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10/27/2017 SCP Extends DEG to 11.30.17
09/12/2017  Sonoma County Agencies Expand “Do It Yourself Energy & Water Savings Toolkits”
08/08/2017 SCP Launches Phase 2 of Electric Vehicle Incentive Program
07/27/2017 Sonoma Clean Power Announces 2017 Board of Directors
05/30/2017 SCP Hires Program Staff


12/07/2016 SCP & Labcon Co-Host Public EV Test Drive Event
11/03/2016 SCP to Host Russian River Area Workshop
11/02/2016 Sonoma County Agencies Pilot “Do It Yourself Energy & Water Savings Toolkits”
07/27/2016 Sonoma Clean Power Contracts for 46 MW of Wind Power
07/14/2016 Sonoma Clean Power Hires Additional Staff
02/12/2016 Sonoma Clean Power Signs Two Renewable Energy Deals in Petaluma


10/12/2015 Sonoma County Students Can Now Build Electric Cars in the Classroom
09/21/2015 Sonoma Clean Power Hires Senior Power Analyst web
09/10/2015 SCP Participates in United Way “Day of Caring”
06/22/2015 SCP Announces 2014 Results
04/22/2015 SCP to Host Public Workshops
04/10/2015 SCP Presenting Partner for Sonoma Stompers
04/08/2015 SCP Hires Additional Staff
03/30/2015 SCP NetGreen Workshops
02/27/2015 SCP Contracts to Build Floating Solar
01/29/2015 SCP Public Workshops
01/28/2015 SCP Announces 2015 Board of Directors



12/18/2014 SCP Approved to Serve All Eligible Cities
12/01/2014 Rohnert Park City Council Votes to Join SCP
12/01/2014 SCP to Host Petaluma Public Meeting
11/05/2014 SCP Hosting Net Energy Metering Workshops
11/03/2014 SCP Signs First ProFIT Project
10/22/2014 SCP Signs Two Landmark Clean Power Deals
09/11/2014 SCP Participates in United Way Day of Caring
08/27/2014 SCP Hires Power Services Director & Account Executive
08/04/2014 SCP Introduces ProFIT Program
06/25/2014 SCP Hires Management Team
06/20/2014 SCP Uncovers Billing Errors by PG&E
06/16/2014 SCP Inks Deal for 30 MW Solar Project
07/24/2014 Cloverdale City Council Votes to Join SCP
05/01/2014 SCP Officially “Flips the Switch”



12/20/2013 SCP Announces CEO
11/19/2013 SCP Signs First Power Contract
08/16/2013 SCP to Double Customers Served
08/05/2013 SCP to Hold Public Information Meetings
06/25/2013 Town of Windsor Joins SCPA Board