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Advanced Energy Center Vendor Application

Online Vendor Application

Advanced Energy Center Vendors

Sonoma Clean Power Authority (“SCP”) is seeking qualified manufacturers and/or distributors (“Vendors”) for SCP’s Advanced Energy Center. SCP’s Advanced Energy Center (“AEC”) will connect SCP customers directly with new and innovative energy efficiency technologies and/or decarbonization products to help homes and business transition to all-electric appliances. Preference will be given to Vendors that will:

  • Create displays and offer energy efficient and fuel switching products for sale directly to consumers in the Advanced Energy Center
  • Potentially offer discounts on energy efficient and fuel switching products to consumers
  • Provide a listing of at least 3 contractors that can install such products if existing trained contractors are known or work with SCP to identify and support training of local installing contractors
  • As desired, provide other related products and services in furtherance of the mission of the Advanced Energy Center.

The Advanced Energy Center can provide dedicated display space up to 25 square feet for approximately 20 Vendors. SCP anticipates potentially rotating vendors, with up to $2 million in direct incentives provided to customers. The selection committee will base their selection on customer feedback and/or market trends. New vendor applications may be solicited at any time. Please e-mail for an updated status of vendors.

SCP’s target date for the opening of the Advanced Energy Center is May 2020.

Minority-owned, women-owned, disabled veteran- owned, and locally-headquartered businesses are encouraged to submit an application.

For more detailed information on vendor requirements and project background, please click here.

Vendor Application Timeline

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis with monthly due dates and review cycles as illustrated below.

  • Vendor Agreement Published - Deadline: 12/1/2019
  • Vendor Application packages due - Deadline: 5pm PST, 25th of each month
  • Vendor Application package submission review complete - Deadline: 5pm PST 5th day of the following month
  • Target Advanced Energy Center Opening - Deadline: 05/01/2020

Product Information

Public Outreach and Marketing Information


  1. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis with monthly due dates and review cycles can be found above.
  2. Vendor must agree to comply with all terms and conditions of the CEC Grant
  3. Vendors must make any rebates/incentives available to all Participants throughout the duration of the program (ending June 2022).


I, the undersigned, agree that:

  1. I will be required to read, understand, and sign a Standard Agreement, which is forthcoming, prior to application approval.
  2. Vendors must be willing to provide the required insurance and accept the terms of SCP’s forthcoming Standard Agreement. A Vendor taking exception to any part of the Standard Agreement must also provide alternative language for those provisions considered objectionable. Please note that any exceptions or changes requested to the Standard Agreement may constitute grounds to reject the Application. Failure to address exceptions to the Standard Agreement in your application will be construed as acceptance of all terms and conditions contained therein. No negotiation over Standard Agreement provisions will be permitted unless the provisions were objected to when the Application was submitted.
  3. All applications submitted in response to this request shall be subject to disclosure under the California Public Records Act. In the event that a Proposer desires to claim portions of its application exempt from disclosure, it is incumbent upon the Proposer to clearly identify those portions with the word "confidential" printed on the lower right-hand corner of the page. SCP will consider a Proposer's request for exemption from disclosure; however, SCP will make a decision based upon applicable laws. Assertions by a Proposer that the entire application or large portions are exempt from disclosure will not be honored. All responses to this Request for Vendor Applications shall become the property of SCP and will be retained or disposed of accordingly.
  4. SCP also reserves the right to negotiate any price or provisions and accept any part, or all parts of any or all submittals, whichever is in the best interest of SCP.
  5. Respondents bear all costs associated with responding to this Vendor Application, and SCP will provide no compensation for these costs.
  6. This Vendor application does not commit SCP to enter into a contract, nor does it obligate SCP to pay for any costs incurred in the preparation and submission of a qualifications statement or in anticipation of a contract.
  7. SCP reserves the right to further negotiate existing or additional elements of its Standard Agreement with successful proposers.
  8. The information that I have supplied on this Application is true, correct and complete.