Commercial Rates

Energize your business by choosing more renewable energy sources

SCP’s energy rates for businesses are competitive, stable, and transparent. With SCP you can contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions without hurting your bottom line.

The price of your energy is comprised of two distinct components:  Electric Generation and Electric Delivery.  SCP replaces PG&E’s generation service with its own generation service.

All customers continue to pay PG&E for maintaining the grid and delivering the electricity to our homes, this service is called Electric Delivery.

Electric Generation:

This is the cost of the actual electricity you are using in your business.  SCP purchases cleaner electricity on the open market and fills PG&E’s power lines. Rates vary, depending on the type of service you choose: SCP CleanStart (default), SCP EverGreen (premium), or PG&E.

Electric Delivery:

PG&E delivers your electricity on their existing power lines and maintains the poles and wires (“the grid”). PG&E delivery rates are the same for SCP customers and PG&E customers.

PG&E adds two additional fees to your bill as an SCP customer.  These fees are included in the cost comparisons below. You can find a full explanation of all the items on your bill in Understanding Your Bill.

Please note:  SCP has been notified by the California Energy Commission that the phone number they provided us for their Renewables Call Center has changed since we mailed all customers our 2016 Power Content Label. The new toll-free number is (844) 454-2906. The Renewables Call Center is open Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm (excluding holidays).

Rate Details

Rates are set by SCP’s Board of Directors, a group of local elected public officials who seek community input before annual rate changes go into effect.

Discount Rates

Customers enrolled in SCP still receive their full CARE/FERA and Medical Baseline discounts. There’s no need to re-apply, and no change in the discount rates.

NEM for Solar Customers

SCP offers one of the most generous Net Energy Metering (NEM) programs in California, and thousands of households with solar are already benefiting.

Over 38,000
commercial customers served

Over $79.4 million in on-bill
savings for SCP customers

Over 420,790 metric tons of carbon
dioxide saved compared to PG&E

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