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Meetings and Documents

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Board and Committee Meetings

Board of Directors


Date BOD Packet Minutes Video

Coming soon

01/09/2020PacketMeeting MinutesVideo
12/05/2019PacketMeeting Minutes
11/14/2019*Special Meeting* PacketMeeting Minutes
10/03/2019PacketMeeting MinutesVideo
09/01/2019No MeetingN/AN/A
08/01/2019PacketMeeting MinutesVideo
Meeting MinutesVideo
06/06/2019PacketMeeting MinutesVideo
05/02/2019PacketMeeting MinutesVideo
04/04/2019PacketMeeting MinutesVideo
03/07/2019PacketMeeting MinutesVideo
02/07/2019PacketMeeting MinutesVideo
01/25/2019PacketMeeting MinutesN/A
01/10/2019PacketMeeting MinutesVideo
12/06/2018PacketMeeting MinutesVideo
11/01/2018PacketMeeting MinutesVideo
10/04/2018PacketMeeting MinutesVideo
09/06/2018No MeetingN/AN/A
08/02/2018 PacketMeeting Minutes
07/12/2018 PacketMeeting MinutesVideo
06/07/2018 Packet Meeting Minutes Video
05/03/2018 Packet Meeting Minutes Video
04/05/2018 Packet Meeting Minutes Video
03/01/2018 Packet Meeting Minutes Video
02/01/2018 Packet Meeting Minutes Video

For prior years' board packets, meeting minutes, ordinances, resolutions, and videos, please email your request to

Community Advisory Committee


DateCAC PacketMinutesVideo
02/20/2020PacketComing SoonN/A
01/23/2020PacketComing SoonN/A
12/18/2019PacketMeeting MinutesN/A
11/13/2019PacketMeeting MinutesN/A
09/17/2019PacketMeeting MinutesN/A
08/01/2019No MeetingN/AN/A
07/23/2019PacketMeeting MinutesN/A
Meeting MinutesN/A
05/21/2019PacketMeeting MinutesN/A
04/01/2019No MeetingN/AN/A
03/25/2019PacketMeeting MinutesN/A
Meeting MinutesN/A
01/24/2019PacketMeeting MinutesN/A
12/01/2018No MeetingN/AN/A
11/29/2018PacketMeeting MinutesN/A
10/24/2018PacketMeeting MinutesN/A
09/27/2018PacketMeeting MinutesN/A
07/24/2018PacketMeeting MinutesN/A
06/25/2018 PacketMeeting MinutesN/A
05/24/2018 Packet
Meeting MinutesN/A
04/17/2018 Packet Meeting MinutesN/A
03/22/2018 Packet Meeting MinutesN/A
01/16/2018 Packet Meeting MinutesN/A

For prior years' committee packets and meeting minutes, please email your request to

Authority Documents

Joint Power Authority

Third Amended and Restated Joint Powers Agreement

SCP Strategic Action Plan

Programs Strategic Action Plan