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Meetings and Documents

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Board and Committee Meetings

Board of Directors


Date BOD Packet Minutes Video
01/09/2020PacketComing soonVideo
12/05/2019PacketMeeting Minutes
11/14/2019*Special Meeting* PacketMeeting Minutes
10/03/2019PacketMeeting MinutesVideo
09/01/2019No MeetingN/AN/A
08/01/2019PacketMeeting MinutesVideo
Meeting MinutesVideo
06/06/2019PacketMeeting MinutesVideo
05/02/2019PacketMeeting MinutesVideo
04/04/2019PacketMeeting MinutesVideo
03/07/2019PacketMeeting MinutesVideo
02/07/2019PacketMeeting MinutesVideo
01/25/2019PacketMeeting MinutesN/A
01/10/2019PacketMeeting MinutesVideo
12/06/2018PacketMeeting MinutesVideo
11/01/2018PacketMeeting MinutesVideo
10/04/2018PacketMeeting MinutesVideo
09/06/2018No MeetingN/AN/A
08/02/2018 PacketMeeting Minutes
07/12/2018 PacketMeeting MinutesVideo
06/07/2018 Packet Meeting Minutes Video
05/03/2018 Packet Meeting Minutes Video
04/05/2018 Packet Meeting Minutes Video
03/01/2018 Packet Meeting Minutes Video
02/01/2018 Packet Meeting Minutes Video

For prior years' board packets, meeting minutes, ordinances, resolutions, and videos, please email your request to

Community Advisory Committee


DateCAC PacketMinutesVideo
01/23/2020PacketComing Soon
12/18/2019PacketComing Soon
11/13/2019PacketMeeting MinutesN/A
09/17/2019PacketMeeting MinutesN/A
08/01/2019No MeetingN/AN/A
07/23/2019PacketMeeting MinutesN/A
Meeting MinutesN/A
05/21/2019PacketMeeting MinutesN/A
04/01/2019No MeetingN/AN/A
03/25/2019PacketMeeting MinutesN/A
Meeting MinutesN/A
01/24/2019PacketMeeting MinutesN/A
12/01/2018No MeetingN/AN/A
11/29/2018PacketMeeting MinutesN/A
10/24/2018PacketMeeting MinutesN/A
09/27/2018PacketMeeting MinutesN/A
07/24/2018PacketMeeting MinutesN/A
06/25/2018 PacketMeeting MinutesN/A
05/24/2018 Packet
Meeting MinutesN/A
04/17/2018 Packet Meeting MinutesN/A
03/22/2018 Packet Meeting MinutesN/A
01/16/2018 Packet Meeting MinutesN/A

For prior years' committee packets and meeting minutes, please email your request to

SCP Strategic Action Plan

Programs Strategic Action Plan