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Sonoma Clean Power is helping get Sonoma County into electric cars because we can fuel them with clean, low-emission electricity.


Get Connected


Sonoma Clean Power is providing qualified customers with FREE electric vehicle charging equipment for your home, while funds last.


Get a connected charger and SCP will pay for the equipment.  You pay for shipping and handling, and installation costs, and we’ll provide some tips on how to get it installed.

If you choose to participate in SCP’s CleanCharge program, we’ll provide $250 in JuicePoints when you get started.

When you use a JuiceNet enabled charger, you can earn “JuicePoints” by helping Sonoma Clean Power use more renewable energy. If you choose to sign up for SCP CleanCharge, software in the charging equipment allows your charger to adjust in response to signals that help avoid using as much power when California’s electric grid is particularly dirty or expensive. That means you will be helping us move toward a cleaner grid for everyone while using a system that ensures you get the charge you need. You can also override and “Charge Now” at any time.

Who Should Participate?

Getting charging equipment installed in a single family home with a garage is usually fairly simple. See our tips on hiring an electrician here. To participate in SCP CleanCharge, you will need to install the charging equipment within range of a wifi network.

If you park your car in a shared parking lot or on a public street, getting charging equipment installed can be more challenging and expensive. SCP knows about these challenges and is working on designing a program that helps more in these locations. For now, you can do your own research and use our incentives, but be careful because the equipment we currently incentivize may not be suitable for apartment or condo locations. Consider asking an electrician to visit your site to make recommendations on how best to install charging equipment.

How does SCP CleanCharge work?

Plug in your car and use the JuiceNet app to set charging times. JuiceNet uses your home wifi to communicate with the power grid to monitor demand. When demand on the grid is high, your charging station automatically adjusts charging levels until the grid pressure is relieved, reducing or avoiding the need for “dirty power”. Your participation helps us cut greenhouse gas emissions even if you already use 100% renewable energy because we’re able to offset dirtier sources of power with your cleaner mix.

Your charging station will turn off when it is done charging. This happens automatically while ensuring your car is still fully charged when you need it. By reducing demand for dirty power, grid operators share their savings with us and we pass that along to you in the form of “JuicePoints.” The whole process is automatic, once you’ve set it up.

Set-up instructions come with your charging equipment, and once you’ve connected it to the grid, you’ll earn $250 in JuicePoints that can be redeemed for cash through your PayPal account. As you charge your car, you continue to earn more JuicePoints.

Not sure if you’re a customer?

Take a look at your PG&E electric bill to see if the charges on the first page include “Sonoma Clean Power electric generation charges.”  If they do, then you’re our customer.  If not, you may be able to enroll in our service in you live in Sonoma County and not within the city limits of Healdsburg (where they have their own municipal utility).  Call our toll free number to find out if you’re eligible for SCP at 1 (855) 202-2139. Customer service representatives are available to assist you 7am to 7pm, Monday through Friday.

Do I have to participate in SCP CleanCharge to get a free charger?

Nope.  You can still take advantage of our charging equipment incentive even if you don’t choose to connect it the JuiceNet system.  But you won’t be able to get the $250 rebate for connecting your charger, and you won’t be helping us clean up the power grid.

What is the CISR form?

If you choose to participate in SCP CleanCharge, you will receive an email from eMotorWerks asking you to sign a “CISR Form.” The form, entitled “Customer Information Service Request for DRP,” is required by PG&E to allow our contractor, eMotorWerks, to access your meter data. If you have questions about completing the CISR form, please call eMotorWerks at 844-584-2329 for assistance.  If you have questions eMotorWerks cannot answer, you can contact PG&E at or 415-973-6500.

Pick your changing equipment

Terms and Conditions

Sonoma Clean Power CleanCharge Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment Incentive

The Sonoma Clean Power CleanCharge EV Charging Equipment Incentive is subject to the following terms and conditions:
1. To be eligible for the incentive, you must be a current customer of Sonoma Clean Power.
2. The incentive applies only to the specific equipment listed in the table below.
3. You are responsible for paying a fee for the shipping and handling of the EV charging equipment, plus sales tax on the (undiscounted) price of the EV charging equipment. For the “JuicePlug,” the shipping and handling fee is $25.00, and for all other equipment the shipping and handling charge is $50.00. The remaining cost for the equipment will be paid by SCP.
4. You are solely responsible for the cost of installing the EV charging equipment. SCP will not pay for installation costs. You are responsible for hiring a qualified professional to estimate the cost of installation, obtain any necessary permits and install the equipment.
5. SCP does not manufacture the EV charging equipment, makes no representations, guarantees, or warranties about the EV charging equipment, and is not responsible for the performance of the EV charging equipment. It is your sole responsibility to determine the suitability of any equipment to your needs, and to ensure that you understand the limitations of any warranty or guarantee provided by the manufacturer. SCP shall have no liability for, and you release SCP from any liability from, any and all damages arising out of your installation or use of the EV charging equipment.
6. If you sign up to participate in the EMotorWerks “JuicePoints” program, you agree to abide by all terms, conditions, and restrictions of that program. More information is available at: Upon confirmation of your participation in the program, SCP will credit your JuiceNet account in the amount of $250.00. The $250.00 credit is not available to customers who do not enroll in the “JuicePoints” program.

For more information, call Sonoma Clean Power by phone at (855) 202-2139 or by email at