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Drive EverGreen Details and Limitations

1. General Terms and Conditions

Sonoma Clean Power’s Drive EverGreen program consists of a package of discounts and incentives to encourage the purchase and use of electric vehicles. The package consists of:

  • Discounts on select models of electric vehicles that the dealers and/or manufacturers have agreed to provide
  • Additional incentives provided by Sonoma Clean Power, which are available only to customers of Sonoma Clean Power

The discounts, credits, and vehicle models to which the program applies are shown in Table 1 below. These discounts and credits are only available for the selected models purchased or leased at the identified dealerships. The dealer/manufacturer credits are those that the dealers/manufacturers have agreed to provide during the program period (August 8, 2017 to November 30, 2017). As an electric vehicle purchaser you are responsible for determining whether you are eligible for such other incentives, rebates, or tax incentives, and for taking all actions necessary to receive such incentives, rebates, or tax incentives.

Table 2 shows participating dealers and eligible vehicles for the SCP Used Vehicle Incentive.

Table 3 shows other incentives, rebates, and tax incentives that may be available depending on the customer’s eligibility.

a. Lease/purchase price to reflect amount of dealer / manufacturer purchase credit.
b. Available while funds last. Limit two certificates per individual and two certificates per electric account.
c. Must be enrolled in California Alternate Rates for Energy (CARE) or Family Electric Rate Assistance (FERA) programs.
d. Subject to State of California program rules – visit www.
e. Funds come from the State of California Low Carbon Fuel Standard program. Apply through PG&E at
f. Tax credit may not exceed amount of federal taxes owed; federal tax credits maybe included in lease credits from manufacturer and/or dealer.
g. Must reside in the Northern Sonoma County Air Pollution Control District (NSCAPCD) and subject to program rules – visit
Subject to NSCAPCD income qualifications – visit

Sonoma Clean Power receives no compensation from the dealers or manufacturers for any sale made under the Drive EverGreen program. The dealers and manufacturers are not acting as agents for Sonoma Clean Power, or on behalf of Sonoma Clean Power, and Sonoma Clean Power is not acting as your agent, or on your behalf, in connection with any electrical vehicle purchase transaction.

As an electric vehicle purchaser, you are solely responsible for negotiating the terms and conditions of your electric vehicle purchase with the dealer, and for ensuring that the dealer properly applies the discounts and incentives to your purchase transaction before you finalize the transaction. Vehicle warranties and guarantees are solely the responsibility of the dealer and manufacturers; Sonoma Clean Power makes no representations or warranties whatsoever about any vehicle purchased under the program, and is not responsible for any electric vehicle defect or problem. As a purchaser, it is your sole responsibility to determine the suitability of any vehicle to your needs, and to ensure that you understand the limitations of any warranty or guarantee provided by the dealer or manufacturer.

2. Terms and Conditions of Sonoma Clean Power Incentives

The Sonoma Clean Power incentives are available only while funds and vehicle inventories last. Sonoma Clean Power has allocated $1.5 million to providing incentives. Once this amount has been exhausted, the Sonoma Clean Power incentives will no longer be available. Incentives are available only for those specific vehicle models shown above on a first-come, first-served basis. Limit one incentive certificate per individual, two incentive certificates per electric account.

The Sonoma Clean Power incentives are to be applied by dealers against the purchase price (or, for leases, against the amount upon which the lease payment is calculated). Sonoma Clean Power will reimburse the dealers for the amount of the incentives.

To apply for the incentive, Sonoma Clean Power customers must:

  1. submit a complete application online on Sonoma Clean Power’s website;
  2. submit any supporting documents that may be requested by Sonoma Clean Power’s Program Administrator, the Center for Sustainable Energy, including but not limited to Proof of Residency documentation.

Once an application has been submitted, the Center for Sustainable Energy will:

  1. process the application;
  2. request supporting documentation, if needed;
  3. validate active Sonoma Clean Power customer status;
  4. electronically mail out a Sonoma Clean Power Incentive Certificate to the customer.

To take advantage of the Sonoma Clean Power Incentive Certificate and receive the SCP incentives, customers must print out a physical copy of the certificate and present it to the dealer at the time of purchase or lease.

For the dealers to receive reimbursement for the SCP incentive reflected on the customer’s Sonoma Clean Power Incentive Certificate, dealers must:

  1. validate the Certificate ID on the Sonoma Clean Power Incentive Certificate using the online Certificate Validation Tool prior to application of the incentive, and print out validation;
  2. submit print out from the Certificate Validation Tool as proof of certificate validation;
  3. submit signed copy of the executed and signed sales or lease agreement or other agreed upon proof of purchase or lease with an itemization of the Sonoma Clean Power Drive EverGreen Incentive and other credits, discounts, incentives, displayed either within the contract/proof of purchase or in a separate form, if applicable;
  4. submit signed copy of the SCP Incentive Certificate listing Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).
  5. submit proof of original MSRP / invoice sheet.

Submissions must be made electronically as a scanned copies to Center for Sustainable Energy via e-mail to

Once documents have been submitted electronically as a scanned copy, the Center for Sustainable Energy will:

  1. process documentation received from dealers and verify completeness;
  2. follow up if any questions arise;
  3. initiate an ACH transfer to the dealer’s account on file twice a week for complete applications.

3. Terms and Conditions of Dealer Incentives

Dealer incentives are subject to the availability of vehicles and, for some incentives, verification of customer status of Sonoma Clean Power.

If you have questions about Drive EverGreen Terms and Conditions, contact Sonoma Clean Power by phone at (707) 978-3463 or by email at