BAMBE | Sonoma Clean Power


Sonoma Clean Power has partnered with BayREN’s Bay Area Multifamily Building Enhancements (BAMBE) program to provide even more reasons to upgrade your multi-unit dwelling (MUD) property. BAMBE already offers $750 per unit for qualifying energy improvements, with additional incentives available for electrification measures. Now, SCP is adding $500 for any necessary in-unit panel upgrades ($750 for low-income units) and $5,000 for central panel upgrades. We’re also offering bonus incentives for demand response technologies, including smart thermostats and electric vehicle chargers. Funds are limited so take advantage now while these incentives last.

What’s In It for Building Owners?

  • Free on-site consultation and customized reports on investment payback and energy savings.
  • Reduced accidental combustion risk provided by electrification of stoves and water heaters.
  • Fewer resident comfort and appliance maintenance complaints.
  • Incentives to dramatically bring down the cost of electrical panel upgrades.

What’s In It for Residents?

  • Greater occupant comfort provided by heat pump HVAC and water heating.
  • Reduced burn risk and better indoor air quality from electric induction stoves.
  • Improved electrical system and appliance reliability.

How Do I Participate?

  • First: make sure your main property account is with Sonoma Clean Power.
  • Next: reach out to the Bay Area Multifamily Building Enhancement (BAMBE) program and enroll online.
  • Then: Complete selected BAMBE program measures and upgrade eligible electrical panels.
  • Last: Receive up to $750 per in-unit panel and $5,000 per central building panel.

General Bullet Points

SCP Offering and Requirements

  • Must be SCP customer in Sonoma County
  • $500 per in-unit panel upgrade, $750 per low-income
  • $5,000 per central panel upgrade
  • GridSavvy offerings

BAMBE Offerings and Requirements

  • Free consultation and site visit to evaluate in-unit and whole building energy upgrade opportunities
  • Baseline incentive of $750 per unit for 0.25 ton reduction in CO2
  • Additional incentives for electrification measures, including in-unit appliance electrification, central HVAC upgrades, and common area measures such as heat pump pool heaters.

Builder Owner Benefits

  • Reduced electrical fire hazard from new electrical equipment.
  • Reduced accidental natural gas combustion risk from electrification of stoves and water heaters.
  • Greater occupant comfort and safety.