Advanced Energy Center Contractor Course | Sonoma Clean Power

Advanced Energy Center Contractor Course

9th mar. 2021, 7:30a. m. - 8:30a. m.


On-Bill Financing

SCP is pleased to provide courses for contractors participating in our Advanced Energy Center. This course is required for contractors to offer SCP’s On-Bill Financing to SCP single-family residential customers through the Advanced Energy Center. Learn how customers can use On-Bill Financing to install approved Advanced Energy Center products and equipment with no up-front costs. SCP will pre-qualify approved customers for On-Bill Financing loans up to $10,000, with 0% interest and payment terms up to 10 years. After completing this course, contractors will know how to work with those pre-approved customers to submit bids, install approved products listed in the customer’s On-Bill Financing Agreement, and complete program close out documents to receive payment from SCP.

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