Advanced Energy Center Contractor Course | Sonoma Clean Power

Advanced Energy Center Contractor Course

12th ene. 2021, 7:30a. m. - 8:30a. m.


SCP is pleased to provide courses for contractors participating in our Advanced Energy Center. This course is required for contractors to install residential grid-interactive heat pump water heaters featured through the Advanced Energy Center. Learn how to install and activate grid-interactive modules for A.O Smith and Rheem water heaters. Learn what makes a water heater grid interactive and how you can provide additional cost savings to your customers as an Advanced Energy Center and BayREN Home+ Contractor.

Heat pump water heaters are two or three times more energy efficient than conventional gas or electric resistance water heaters and save customers money on their utility bill while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

After completing this course, contractors will be better able to install grid activity modules for Rheem and A.O Smith water heaters, connect the water heater to the local Wi-Fi, and understand the importance of load shifting.