Air Sealing to Achieve Zero Net Energy | Sonoma Clean Power

Air Sealing to Achieve Zero Net Energy

9th sept. 2020, 9:00a. m. - 4:30a. m.


As part of our dedication to providing educational opportunities, SCP is sharing the upcoming PG&E class that may be of interest. One of the key components to achieving a Zero Net Energy building is the tightness of its envelope to air infiltration. In this training, Terry Nordbye will use real-world examples to explain the need and importance of air sealing. In addition, methods to incorporate air sealing into building design and construction will be presented. Most importantly, a comparison between the different air sealants and air-sealing techniques based on the locations of air leaks in the building’s envelope will be discussed with the use of detailed images from the field as well as hands-on props. In conclusion, the training will present the recommended air sealants and techniques to reduce air infiltration and to produce the best fit for a long-lasting air sealing barrier. You are sure to leave the room with a new and deeper understanding of how to air seal your next project.

This is an intermediate class that might be of interest for residential builder/developers, home energy raters, general contractors, and architects.