Home Energy Series: Session 3 | Sonoma Clean Power

Home Energy Series: Session 3

26th ene. 2021, 4:00p. m. - 7:00p. m.


The three-part Home Energy Series, brought to you by Home Energy Academy, is a no-nonsense, practical overview of all the major energy systems of your home. Upon completion of the series, you will be fully equipped to unlock the mystery regarding your home’s energy usage. Further, you’ll understand how to achieve an affordably comfortable home through a whole-home energy approach with an actionable strategy when approaching any home energy project.

Session 3: Home Energy: Creating Your Whole Home- Based Solar Strategy

Knowledge is power when determining the correct size of solar energy systems, if you need batteries and which contractor to trust. Session 3 will provide you with the knowledge you need to make the decisions that are right for you. When you understand how a kilowatt (kW) of solar power produces kilowatt hour (kwh) savings, you’ll be able to more effectively evaluate the solar options available to you. We’ll also cover how to size a solar system, while keeping the big picture in mind, and how to account for the energy efficiency opportunities available. Learn how to identify accurate savings estimating and if the designed system is what you really need. Topics include energy storage and electric vehicles and how they work together.