Selling High Performance Homes | Sonoma Clean Power

Selling High Performance Homes

2nd nov. 2020, 12:30p. m. - 4:30p. m.


SCP customers may be interested in this upcoming PG&E class “Selling High Performance Homes”.

Attendees will learn new routes to increased profits as they guide clients to homes that are more healthy, safe, comfortable, during, of higher quality and value, and have lower costs of ownership. While this class is focused on Realtors, all attendees who are involved in selling homes will find it useful.

Those who’ve experienced living in a high-performance home treasure their homes! They testify to the quality of life and costs savings and the proof grows progressively stronger over time! These clients become even more than a good referral but advocates; one of the most valued assets any sales professional can have.

Attendees will develop expertise to realize increased sales prices and commissions, faster marketing times, enhanced credibility, and deeper personal fulfillment in their work.