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Join the GridSavvy Community!

Get a Smart Charger and Join GridSavvy

You may have seen the link on the front page of our website titled “Introducing the GridSavvy Demand Response Program”, but what exactly does signing up for GridSavvy entail? Well, if you took advantage of SCP’s free electric vehicle charging station, then joining GridSavvy will not only help us support a cleaner grid, but it will help you save money too!

GridSavvy is a demand-response program which uses the software and hardware built into various clean technologies to adjust, or briefly interrupt, usage through remote signals from Sonoma Clean Power. In addition to EV charging stations, customers will soon be able to connect other smart devices such as heat pump water heaters and thermostats to GridSavvy.

By controlling the charging of electric vehicles and other devices that use electricity, we can help balance the electricity grid. This will ensure that Sonoma and Mendocino county homes are using the cleanest, most renewable energy possible and helps us avoid using power when California’s electric grid is particularly dirty and expensive.

Being enrolled in the program does not limit you from charging or using your devices at your own convenience. For instance, you can always override the signal through your smartphone by tapping “Charge Now” on the JuiceNet app, or through the web by clicking “Override: charge car now” on your dashboard. When we do enact an adjustment or interruption, your charger will go back to operating as normal once the “event” is over.

Now, here comes the exciting part. SCP will be giving out a $5 per month bill credit to customers that activate their charging station and connect with GridSavvy!

If you are interested in participating in GridSavvy, here are some important qualifications to keep in mind:

  • You must be an SCP customer.
  • You must have installed and activated an SCP approved smart technology device (e.g. an electric vehicle charging station).
  • Your charging equipment needs to be within range and connected to a Wi-Fi network.
  • You need to execute the GridSavvy Participation Agreement and Customer Information Service Request Form.
  • You must have a SmartMeter installed in your home.

Currently, the GridSavvy program has no planned end date. If you have any questions about GridSavvy, please visit:

To directly contact Sonoma Clean Power’s Programs Team, please email us at:

Start saving money and help us clean up the grid! Sign up to participate in the GridSavvy Community today.