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All-Electric Climate Smart Homes

28th Oct 2020, 9:00am - 10:30am


SCP is sharing the upcoming PG&E class that may be of interest. SCP customers are eligible to access PG&E’s programs and resources.

Ann Edminster will discuss how good design decisions, careful architectural and construction detailing, and electrification of appliances can create attractive, comfortable, durable buildings that save energy, safeguard occupant health and comfort, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions – without increasing costs. She will also discuss how and why all-electric homes now have lower annual greenhouse gas emissions and better indoor air quality than homes with gas appliances. Participants will learn key considerations that enable designers to make strategic choices, rather than pay a premium, to achieve multiple benefits.

Audience: building professionals, Architect, General Contractor, builder/Developer – Residential, Building Dept. Professional, Home Performance Contractor.

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