Balanced Ventilation | Sonoma Clean Power

Balanced Ventilation

15th Sep 2020, 9:00am - 4:30pm


SCP is sharing the upcoming PG&E class that may be of interest. SCP customers are eligible to access PG&E’s programs and resources.

Air-tight, well-insulated homes need balanced ventilation to provide healthy, comfortable interiors to occupants while achieving excellent energy performance. The instructor will provide information on how different approaches to ventilation affect building pressures, discuss equipment selection criteria and control strategies, ducting, and commissioning, among other topics.

Audience: intermediate to advanced class intended for designers, builders, and developers of zero net energy new homes, as well as home performance and mechanical contractors working to improve the energy efficiency, comfort, and indoor air quality of existing homes. Residential energy consultants, utility personnel, and building officials will also find it of interest.

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