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Efficient Hot Water Systems

18th Nov 2020, 9:00am - 10:30am


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Gary Klein will outline the steps to designing a water-, energy-, and time-efficient hot water system that also reduces greenhouse gas emissions. The system includes not just the water heater itself, but also the distribution piping, plumbing fixtures, appliances, and the capture of waste heat from drain water. Water heating has changed considerably in the past 20 years, with increased adoption of on-demand and more recently electric heat pump technologies that enable all-electric homes. Distribution systems also have been rethought and occupant expectations have evolved, while the basic approach to delivering hot water has lagged behind these trends. Gary will describe an updated approach that reduces the energy used in water heating along with associated greenhouse gas emissions, while also reducing water waste and improving occupant satisfaction.

Audience: Building professionals, Building Dept. Professional, General Contractor, Builder / Developer – Residential, Plumbers / Pipe Fitters, Architect.

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