High Performance Residential Enclosures | Sonoma Clean Power

High Performance Residential Enclosures

11th Jun 2020, 9:00am - 10:30am


SCP is sharing the upcoming PG&E class that may be of interest. SCP customers are eligible to access PG&E’s programs and resources.

Peter Yost will explain why a high-performance enclosure increases resiliency during power outages and other emergency scenarios, provides comfort and good indoor air quality, and reduces energy use and greenhouse gas emissions associated with heating and cooling. Peter will provide a summary of what it takes to build a high performance enclosure, covering efficient framing, air sealing, and insulation (including continuous exterior insulation), and provide an overview of the role of balanced mechanical ventilation in providing filtered air without using a lot of energy. Peter will describe how to manage cost while achieving a better building by focusing on clear goals and metrics, a team approach on the job site, and planning, communication, and coordination.

Audience: Home Performance Contractor, Building Dept. Professional, Builder/Developer – Residential, General Contractor, Architect

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