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Residential Heating and Air Conditioning

11th Nov 2020, 9:00am - 10:30am


SCP is sharing the upcoming PG&E class that may be of interest. SCP customers are eligible to access PG&E’s programs and resources.

Research shows there are tremendous shortfalls between intended energy and comfort performance of HVAC systems and their reality. John Proctor P.E. will describe the critical steps to create HVAC systems that deliver excellent energy efficiency with greatly improved comfort. These outcomes can be achieved in a well-constructed building enclosure, when equipment is properly sized and the performance of the whole system is tested during and after installation. John will explain why achieving an air-tightness goal as well as properly installing insulation are essential to cost-effectively providing excellent comfort. With this preparation the project can be topped off with a proper sized high efficiency heating and cooling system. The most important part of the system is not its rating but how ALL OF IT is installed and how proper installation is confirmed. The results are reduced greenhouse gas emissions, improved comfort, reduced risk, all combined with energy and cost savings.

Audience: Building professionals, HVAC/Mechanical Contractor, Building Dept. Professional, Builder / Developer – Residential, General Contractor.

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