Get a Smart Charger and Join GridSavvy!

Sonoma Clean Power is providing customers with FREE electric vehicle smart charging equipment for your home.  Obtain a smart charger through SCP and we will pay for the charging equipment; all you pay for is the sales tax, a $50 shipping and handling fee, plus any installation costs.

All chargers are Level 2 (32-40 amp) smart, internet-connected, devices that are eligible to participate in SCP’s GridSavvy Community!

What is the GridSavvy Community?

The GridSavvy Community is a way for customers to install smart devices, like EV charging stations, smart heat pump water heaters, and smart thermostats, in their home or business and give SCP permission to control those devices to help out the electricity grid under times of stress. This will enable more renewable energy to come online.

Why join GridSavvy?

By joining the GridSavvy Community, you are helping us move toward a cleaner grid, with more renewable energy for everyone while ensuring your vehicle gets the charge it needs.

Charging Equipment


Lost your SCP smart charger in the fires? Contact us to replace it at no additional cost.

How is this done?

Software and hardware built into every charging equipment allows chargers connected to the GridSavvy Community to adjust, or briefly interrupt charging, in response to signals sent via Wi-Fi. This helps avoid using power when California’s electric grid is particularly dirty and expensive. Once the “event” is over, your charger goes back to operating as normal.

If you really need your vehicle to continue charging, you can always override the signal through your smart phone or through the web.

What’s in it for me?

In addition to helping us move toward a cleaner grid, when you choose to join SCP’s GridSavvy Community, we will provide you with a $150 enrollment credit. Additionally, we will give you a $5/month bill credit towards Sonoma Clean Power Generation Charges for allowing us to control your charging equipment.

General Information

GridSavvy Participation:
You do not need to participate in GridSavvy to receive a free charger.  You can still take advantage of our charging equipment incentive. You will have the option to participate or not during the checkout process when you order your charging equipment.  However, if you choose not to participate, you won’t be able to get the $150 enrollment credit for connecting your charger, or the $5/month bill credit, and you won’t be helping us clean up California’s power grid.

Charger Installation:
Getting charging equipment installed in a single-family home with a garage is usually fairly simple. See our tips on hiring an electrician here. To participate in GridSavvy, your charging equipment needs to be within range and connected to a Wi-Fi network.

If you park your car in a shared parking lot or on a public street, getting charging equipment installed can be more challenging and expensive. SCP recognizes these challenges and is actively working on addressing these challenges to accommodate charging in more locations. However, you are still eligible for the free charging equipment, but please be aware that the charging equipment may not be suitable for apartments, condos, or public use. Consider asking an electrician to visit your site to obtain recommendations on how best to install charging equipment.

Am I an Active SCP Customer?
Take a look at your PG&E electric bill to see if the charges on the first page include “Sonoma Clean Power Electric Generation Charges.”  If they do, then you are an SCP customer.  If not, you may be able to enroll in our service if you live in Sonoma or Mendocino County (not available to customers of the municipal electricity service in the Cities of Ukiah and Healdsburg).

To re-enroll or to find out if you are eligible, please call our toll-free number at 1 (855) 202-2139. Customer service representatives are available to assist you 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday, PST.


If you have additional questions, please see the GridSavvy FAQs under Charging Resources (see above) or call us at 1 (855) 202-2139, Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm, PST.

Charging Equipment Disclosures:

Charging equipment available only available to active Sonoma Clean Power (SCP) customers only. SCP pays for the charging equipment; customer pays sales tax, $50 shipping/handling, and installation costs. Limit two chargers per SCP electric account. Chargers available through 6/30/18 or while program funds and/or charger inventories last. This program is part of SCP’s commitment to reducing emissions from gas-powered vehicles.