Induction Cooking

Have you heard about the latest trend in cooking?  With induction cooktops, heat is produced directly into the pan, not the cooktop, with unparalleled precision and control. That’s why induction cooking is safer, easier to maintain, and more energy efficient!

Exceptional Cooking

Not only does induction cook about 40% faster than gas or resistance electric cooktops, induction also provides perfectly distributed and adjustable heat, often with automatic “off” settings.

Safe & Easy to Use

Induction cooking directly heats the pan, not the cooking surface. This means that cooking surface remains cool to the touch.  When spillovers happen (and they will), the food remains easy to wipe up.

Energy Efficient

Induction cooking delivers roughly 80 percent of its energy to the food in the pan. Compare that to traditional gas cooktops, which convert only 40 percent of that heat, and the choice is clear

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