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Lead Locally Pilot Business

Time is running out.

Sonoma Clean Power is offering energy-saving equipment at NO COST – you only pay for installation costs. In return, you provide valuable feedback to help shape future Sonoma Clean Power programs.

Technology-specific Overview


Daylighting is a method of placing windows, skylights, other openings, and reflective surfaces so that sunlight can provide effective internal lighting.

Cost to customer: No cost to customer


Phase change materials (PCMs) installed in dropped ceilings help stabilize the temperatures in commercial spaces. They work alongside existing insulation to reduce the need for cooling by absorbing heat during the afternoon, then releasing it at night when cooling may no longer be needed.

Cost to customer: Customer pays installation

Induction Cooking

Increase your cooking speed, staff safety, and kitchen cleanliness while cutting down on energy costs. Unlike electric ranges of the past, induction produces heat directly into the pan, leading to precision, control, and response that equals gas ranges.

Cost to customer: Customer pays installation

Exhaust Heat Recovery

Keep your kitchen cooler and make the most of your dishmachine’s excess heat while reducing your energy bill. Exhaust heat recovery dishmachines use the steam generated in the washing process to safely preheat fresh water!

Cost to customer: Customer pays installation (costs may vary based on existing electrical service and plumbing connections)

Ready to get started?

Once you review the criteria and technology offerings, complete the online application form. There is no obligation to proceed. To speak with someone before applying, call (707) 595-8155 or email leadlocally@sonomacleanpower.org.

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