NetGreen Aggregation

Solar or wind generation for multiple meters or on multiple properties

Sonoma Clean Power supports onsite renewable electricity generation system with our NetGreen Aggregation Program.

What is NetGreen Aggregation?

NetGreen Aggregation is Sonoma Clean Power’s Net Energy Metering program that allows customers to aggregate multiple meters across multiple properties and install one generating system to offset the usage at those meters.

NetGreen Aggregation is for customers who install a one solar system and share the electricity production across multiple accounts and properties that are adjacent, contiguous, and are solely owned or operated by a single entity. For example, a dairy operation that has multiple metered wells and warehouses can aggregate the usage of those accounts by installing a single wind turbine to share the generated electricity across all of those accounts.

Please note that NetGreen Aggregation customers are barred from receiving an annual cash out for excess credits. Credits are reset to zero annually in May.

How Does NetGreen Aggregation Work?

NetGreen Aggregation works by crediting the amount of electricity produced by the generation system and allocated to each benefitting account using PG&E’s dynamic allocation formula, compared to how much electricity was consumed from the grid by each benefiting account. Every month, Sonoma Clean Power receives data for the overall net consumption that occurred or the net production was allocated. This is done on an account-by-account basis for all benefitting accounts – each account is treated like a standard NetGreen account.

If the amount of electricity allocated to the benefitting account was more than was consumed, SCP gives dollar credits based on the price of electricity when the production happened. As a bonus for producing clean, local electricity, SCP gives an additional 1¢ for every kWh* produced. These credits are banked to help pay for any consumption that may occur over the year.

However, if more electricity was consumed than was allocated to the benefitting account, SCP charges based on the price of electricity when the consumption happened.

Please note: PG&E will track any charges or credits associated with delivery (also known as transmission and distribution). The annual true-up process with PG&E will remain the same.

Current PG&E customers: When customers switch to SCP, PG&E triggers a true-up on the account at the time when the switch happens. Normal terms and conditions of PG&E’s true-up process apply.

*A kWh is the standard measure of electricity

Benefits of SCP’s NetGreen Aggregation Program?

Aggregated meters and accounts will be able to take advantage of the standard NetGreen benefits on an individual account basis. This includes the 1¢/kWh bonus for excess production assigned to the aggregated meters. However, NetGreen Aggregation customers are barred from receiving an annual cash out for credits.

Elements of SCP’s NetGreen Aggregation Program

Each Benefiting Account under NetGreen Aggregation enjoys unique benefits for producing clean, local electricity including:

  • Excess electricity produced is credited at the retail value plus $0.01/kWh
  • Credits are banked to help cover any SCP generation charges throughout the year
  • Monthly billing of SCP generation credits or charges

Please note that NetGreen Aggregation customers are barred from receiving an annual cash out for excess credits. Credits are reset to zero annually in May.

NetGreen Program with EverGreen

Each benefiting account has the ability to select their electricity provider. Sonoma Clean Power customers can choose to stay with the standard CleanStart service or go 100% renewable with EverGreen.

By signing up for EverGreen, SCP’s optional premium service, all of a customer’s electricity use is comes from 100% renewable and local sources, even when their solar system isn’t producing electricity.

EverGreen carries a premium of $0.025/kWh which is charged any time there is any net consumption of electricity. This means that if:

A. A customer is on a flat rate (price remains consistent regardless of time of day) like RES-1 (PG&E’s E-1 equivalent), the EverGreen premium will be charged to all net energy consumed, or

B. A customer is on a Time-of-Use rate (price varies based on time of day) like RES-6, the EverGreen premium will be charged to all net energy consumed during any time-of-use period (Peak, Part-Peak, Off-Peak).

Net Energy Metering Aggregation Dynamic AllocationSection

Energy production is allocated across the benefitting accounts by PG&E prior to the net usage/production data being sent to Sonoma Clean Power.  The allocation is dynamic and changes every month unlike the fixed percentageunder Virtual NetGreen [link]. . This is to ensure that all electricity generated is properly allocated to the benefitting accounts.

The allocation is done on a strictly kilowatt-hour (kWh) basis across the various Time-of-Use (TOU) periods and TOU pricing is not factored until the allocation has been set for the account. Once the allocation has been set, charges and/or credits are applied according the rate schedule for each account.

PG&E uses the following formula to calculate allocations:

where n=number of accounts aggregated

For questions about the allocation formula, please contact PG&E.

Enrolling in NetGreen Aggregation

Customers interested in NetGreen Aggregation will have to complete the application and interconnection process with the grid manager: PG&E. Their Net Energy Metering Aggregation (NEM-A) rules apply.

In order to be eligible:

  • Aggregated meters need to be under one customer name(single person or entity), and
  • Must be located on the same, adjacent and/or continuous properties to the property that on which the generating system is installed.

Once a Net Energy Metering Aggregation agreement is approved by PG&E, SCP will automatically enroll customers in NetGreen Aggregation.

Each account to which credits are applied (also known as a benefitting account) has the option to be a Sonoma Clean Power customer. SCP accounts will be credited per NetGreen rules. PG&E accounts will be billed in accordance with PG&E’s Net Energy Metering program.


Sonoma Clean Power bills on a monthly basis. We created this sample bill to help you navigate and better understand of how your generating system is performing.

View a NetGreen Sample Bill