NetGreen Sample Bill

Net Metering bills can be confusing. We can help.

With SCP, you will continue to get just one monthly bill from PG&E, and it will look almost the same. Your new NetGreen bill gives you an informative snapshot of how much electricity was generated by your system, how much was credited or charged as well as your current credit balance.

It’s important to note that with SCP, a true up is conducted on your bill monthly, so you will know exactly where you stand with generation credits and charges. Charges have to be paid monthly. Once a year in May, we provide a Cash Out opportunity for customer that have credits in excess of $100, otherwise, your credits continue to roll over for use in future bills.


Important Bill Differences

  • Once SCP service starts for your business or organization, the line item for power generation on your PG&E bill will be replaced by a SCP generation charge for cleaner power.
  • PG&E will stop charging for generation but will continue to charge for the energy delivery services (typically referred to as “transmission and distribution”) and various regulatory fees.
  • Because PG&E and SCP both provide separate electric services, your one bill will include charges from both PG&E and SCP.
  • SCP tracks the net production or consumption of electricity on your bill and credits or charges based on your CleanStart rate and, if applicable, the Time-of-Use period when the net production or consumption occurred.


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