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Lead Locally

What's in store for SCP's newest program in 2019

Last month, Sonoma Clean Power launched...

Last month, Sonoma Clean Power launched our Lead Locally pilot home program, which will select 16 local homes to receive no-cost upgrades and provide us with feedback on a variety of energy and money-saving technologies. Within a week, there were over 200 applications submitted!

We are thrilled by the positive response we received and we can’t wait to start deploying these new technologies into our community. But first, here’s a little background on how Lead Locally came about and where the program is heading.

In 2018, SCP received a $9.9 million EPIC grant from the California Energy Commission to help bring energy efficiency and emerging technologies directly to our customers in Sonoma and Mendocino counties. This grant has allowed SCP to develop new strategies aimed at doubling the energy efficiency of existing buildings.

These approaches include the recently launched Lead Locally pilot home program, and a storefront in downtown Santa Rosa where the public will be able to learn about, test, and purchase these energy-saving technologies.

"SCP wants to build a cleaner energy future for our community. The Lead Locally program will evaluate the best technologies to help meet our community’s energy efficiency goals, and now we’re asking our customers to get involved."

Chad Asay

Lead Locally Program Manager

Sonoma Clean Power

In this first phase of the program, the Lead Locally team is installing innovative energy-saving equipment in SCP customer homes. The upgrades are valued at $5,000 or more, but will be installed in the participating homes at no cost.

Currently, the study will include upgrades to attic insulation or the home’s heating and cooling system. However, in the future, SCP will recruit additional homeowners and businesses to test appliances, lighting, and water heating.

The feedback we receive from the participating homeowners will be used to confirm that these technologies will work well for buildings in Sonoma and Mendocino counties, provide insight into best practices for installers, and guide future energy-saving programs.

Stay tuned for ongoing updates from our Lead Locally pilot homes, and for progress on the Advanced Energy Center opening later in 2019!