ProFIT Program

ProFIT promotes the development of new small-scale wholesale renewable energy facilities in SCP’s service territory by creating a new market for developers to sell energy to SCP with standard rules, standard contract, and a known price.

Applications are queued on a first-come-first-served basis.


ProFIT offers a high degree of revenue certainty by offering a the following price for all contracts:

Standard fixed-price for all contracts

Program Summary (informational)

ProFIT Tariff
(rules & conditions)

ProFIT Contract

Timeline & Milestones

ProFIT Application

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Bonus Incentives

Qualifying projects may be eligible for additional bonuses for the first five (5) years on the contract. Review the ProFIT Tariff for requirements and detailed information. ProFIT currently offers the following bonuses:

Small-scale projects of 250 kW or less

Previously developed site locations

Local business

Training Incentive

Developers will need to submit supporting documentation to qualify for the bonuses. Please review the ProFIT Tariff for requirements and detailed information.

Contract Length

ProFIT gives developers flexibility in contract length by offering the following two options:

10 Years

baseload facilities
(e.g. biomass)

20 Years

as-available/other facilities
(e.g. solar/wind)


All projects must be:

  • A new resource
  • Smaller than 1 megawatt (<1MW)
  • Located in SCP service territory (Sonoma & Mendocino)
  • California Renewable Portfolio Standard compliant
  • Interconnected to the electricity grid via PG&E’s Wholesale Distribution Tariff, and
  • Legally permitted by appropriate jurisdictional agency.

Please note the Timeline and Milestones that become binding once an application is submitted.


ProFIT Queue and available queue capacity will be updated as project applications are approved.

ProFIT Budget

Reserved ProFIT Budget

Remaining Queue Capacity

ProFIT vs. NetGreen - What's the difference?

SCP’s ProFIT and NetGreen are two distinct programs for very different applications.

ProFIT is a wholesale energy buying program designed to create a market for developers to sell all the energy from a project to Sonoma Clean Power at a fixed price. It is not intended to offset electricity usage or reduce an electricity bill.

NetGreen allows customers to power their own homes or businesses from a renewable generating system and offset their electrical usage by essentially spinning their meter backwards.  This program is for customers that want to install a generating system on their home and business and reduce their electricity bill. Learn more about SCP’s industry-leading NetGreen program.