ProFIT Program

What is ProFIT?

Sonoma Clean Power lets you ProFIT by selling renewable power. ProFIT is what is known as a Feed-In Tariff, a renewable energy purchasing program which sets the rules and price for Sonoma Clean Power to purchase electricity from small-scale wholesale renewable electricity projects within SCP’s service territory.

ProFIT directly promotes the development of small-scale renewable generation installations within the Sonoma Clean Power service territory by creating a standard-offer transaction with a flat/fixed price of $95/megawatt-hour (MWh). Contracts will be 10 years for baseload generating facilities or 20 years for other generating facilities. Projects that meet the bonus eligibility criteria may qualify for up to $130/MWh for the initial 5 or 10 years of the contract term.

Projects must be:

  • A new resource
  • Small-scale (smaller than 1 megawatt)
  • Located in SCP service territory
  • California Renewable Portfolio Standard compliant
  • Interconnected to the electricity grid
  • Legally permitted by appropriate jurisdictional agency, and
  • Willing to sign a standard, non-negotiable, long term contract

Applications are now being accepted.  All applications will be accepted and queued on a first come-first served basis.

Queue will be updated as project applications are approved.

Project Technology Capacity (kW) Committed Cost (Total $)
1408-2 Solar PV 999.9 $ 92,580.00
1408-1 Solar PV 997 $ 103,640.00
 1410-1 Solar PV 999.9 $ 92,580.00
Reserved ProFIT Budget $ 288,800.00
Annual Budget $ 600,000.00
Available Queue Capacity $ 311,220.00


For information only, please see the sample timeline for project milestones below. milestone