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Advanced Energy Build

Power up your development with new construction incentives.


The application period for this program is closed as of June 30, 2022

Up to $4,500 per unit for high-performance home development

The Advanced Energy Build (AEB) program offers developers technical guidance and cash incentives in order to build high-performing and resilient homes for Sonoma and Mendocino county. You can find the latest program guidelines in the program handbook.

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Flexible Incentives for all Developments

Choose from one of the options below:

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Affordable Homes

Affordable homes built are now eligible for enhanced incentives from SCP. All-electric single family homes can receive $5,000, while affordable multifamily units can earn $1,750. Additionally, Advanced Energy Build is offering battery storage bonuses of $5,000 per single family home and up to $25,000 for multifamily developments. Contact us at for more details.

Steps to Participate

Step 1: Come talk with us

Want to know how to adapt your designs and earn incentives? E-mail us at or call us at (707) 890-8496 to set up a time to review your current design and see how you can qualify for your incentive.

Step 2: Submit Program Application

Submit your online program application here. In addition to this form, you will need to upload and submit the following items:

  • Title 24 CF1-R documentation authored and signed by a 2019 Title 24 code Certified Energy Analyst (CEA).
  • Energy model file (.bld or .ribd) completed by a Certified Energy Analyst (CEA).
  • Complete set of construction plans, including architectural, mechanical, and electrical pages.
  • A completed IRS W-9 form. This should be filled out by the person or entity receiving the rebate.
  • As requested by program staff, specifications related to the windows or heating, cooling, water heating systems.

Please be aware that projects will not be accepted after drywall has been installed or HERS testing has begun.

The program implementer, TRC, will review all documentation and respond within six weeks. Once approved, you will receive an acceptance letter and an incentive request form to return at the end of the project.

Step 3: Request Final Incentive

After HERS rating is complete, complete, sign, and date the incentive request form that was provided during the initial project review. If you need another copy of the incentive request form, please email Note: the form cannot be signed by the Energy Consultant or HERS Rater due to conflict of interest.

Additionally, you will need to fill out a Program Completion survey, located here. This should be filled out by the person or entity receiving the rebate.

Builder Assets

We’ve developed the following assets to help you sell your new, high performance homes:

  • Co-branded banners to use on site during construction.
  • Welcome packets for homeowners explaining the benefits of their new, efficient appliances.
  • Signage you can use in your model homes to explain high efficiency equipment.
  • Participating builders can be listed on the SCP webpage in the section below.

SGIP Qualified?

If your project plans to take advantage of Self-generation Incentive Program (SGIP) funding, Sonoma Clean Power is available to assist you with the application.