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Innovative. Flexible. Energy Efficient.

Sonoma Clean Power’s FLEXmarket offers an innovative and flexible approach to delivering energy efficiency projects by working directly with installers and project managers. Installers and project managers can deliver a wide portfolio of various projects across the SCP territory and be incentivized for energy savings across the portfolio.

The FLEXmarket is a pay-for-performance program that sets incentives based on an hourly avoided cost value for the useful life of projects installed. The hourly framework promotes peak period reductions by valuing peak hour savings at higher incentive levels and the useful life framework provides higher incentives for projects that provide sustained energy efficiency over time. In the FLEXmarket, installers and project managers can develop their own projects and targeted solutions for energy efficiency, and optimize for real world savings to both decrease energy costs for customers and reduce strain on the electricity grid.

Who Benefits?

SCP pays installers and project managers a “rebate” based on the total system benefits achieved by their projects. Installers and project managers provide complete turnkey services for qualified energy efficiency improvements to customers and are responsible for customer recruitment, savings estimates, and installations.

SCP customers that install projects with an approved installer or project manager will benefit from reduced electricity use and its associated bill savings.

How to Participate

Interested in bill savings? We can connect you with an aggregator!

Program Partner

Recurve implements Sonoma Clean Power’s FLEXmarket. Recurve’s mission is to accelerate the transition to a clean energy economy by integrating behind the meter demand flexibility resources into the emerging carbon-free energy grid.

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