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Become an Energy Efficiency Pilot Home

Apply to be a pilot home!

Become a Lead Locally pilot home.

Innovation starts here.

Sonoma Clean Power is partnering with the California Energy Commission to create the Lead Locally program. The Lead Locally program is seeking the best in energy and money-saving technologies – and we need your help.

No-cost upgrades for your home.

By becoming a Lead Locally pilot project, your home or business can receive FREE energy-saving upgrades to test over a 12 to 18-month period. Lead Locally pilot projects will keep these valuable upgrades at no cost, even after the study ends.

A better energy future for everyone.

Your feedback and data on the Lead Locally technologies will be used to provide insight into best practices for manufacturers and installers, and guide future programs. By becoming a Lead Locally pilot home, you’re building a better future for all of California.

Meet the Lead Locally Technologies

As of 11/30/18, we are no longer actively recruiting Pilot Homes, but there may be additional opportunities in the future. The initial recruitment period focused on the following technologies:

Heating & Cooling: Replace your existing heating and cooling system with one that provides better comfort and saves money. All heating and cooling system upgrades will also include new ventilation systems to keep the air inside your home fresh.

  • Radiant Ceiling: After years of success in high-end custom homes, radiant systems can now be installed in any existing home. Standard heating and cooling systems force air through ducts. This leaks energy and sucks dust and allergens into your home. Radiant ceilings heat and cool without moving air, giving you better comfort for less energy.
  • Mini-split Heat Pumps: These all-electric systems maintain comfort at a fraction of the energy used by standard heating and cooling systems. This upgrade includes all-new ducts which won’t run through attics or crawlspaces.

Insulation: Phase Change Materials: This upgrade comes in sealed sheets and is installed in the attic, above or below the insulation. It helps keep your home a consistent temperature by absorbing heat instead of letting it pass through to your attic. This allows you to run your AC or furnace less often. Wondering what “phase change materials” are? A familiar example is a blue freezer ice pack – its contents can change phases between liquid and solid without making a mess. The difference is that phase change insulation solidifies at 70 degrees instead of 32 degrees.

In the future, we will also study lighting, appliances, and water heating technologies.

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How to Become a Pilot Home

Thank you for the positive response during the initial Pilot Home recruitment period! As of 11/30/18, we are no longer actively recruiting Pilot Homes for the current technologies. If you submit a Participation Request after that date, we can keep your information file for future opportunities. If you submitted a Participation Request before 11/30/18, you will receive an update on current program status in December 2018.

If you meet the initial eligibility criteria, we will contact you to discuss the study, the technologies, and participation requirements. There is no obligation to participate, and you will have an opportunity to discuss the project with the Sonoma Clean Power contractor before you move forward. To participate in technology upgrades, you must be willing to allow energy usage monitoring and to complete quarterly surveys on your satisfaction with the upgrades for 12 to 18 months.

For questions regarding the listed technologies or the Lead Locally program, please email: programs@sonomacleanpower.org

Eligible participants must be a Sonoma Clean Power customer and each site located within the Sonoma Clean Power territory. Funds are limited, incentives may vary, and sites will be selected on a first-come, first-served basis after eligibility criteria are met. Other restrictions may apply.