Cordel Stillman | Sonoma Clean Power
Cordel Stillman

Cordel Stillman

Director of Programs

In his role as Director of Programs at Sonoma Clean Power, Cordel Stillman works directly with the CEO to set the strategy for distributed resources and customer programs. Mr. Stillman also works closely with Programs staff and the Director of Power Services to develop and evolve SCP’s Integrated Resource Plan.

Formerly the Deputy Chief Engineer at the Sonoma County Water Agency, Cordel graduated from San Jose State University with a B.S. degree in Civil Engineering. He has over 30 years of experience in the public sector in planning, design and construction management. His responsibilities include the development and management of all infrastructure and renewable energy projects and programs.

Under his guidance, the Sonoma County Water Agency achieved its goal of Carbon Free Water through a combination of energy conservation measures and renewable energy development.

Mr. Stillman was one of the early pioneers of forming Sonoma Clean Power, including forming and administering the Steering Committee, commissioning and overseeing the feasibility study, securing early financing for the Agency, and working with County Counsel on the development of the Joint Powers Agreement which made SCP possible.