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Phase I Time-of-Use Transition & Bill Protection

Timing matters.

In 2020, most residential electric customers (regardless of who provides electric generation service) are expected to transition to a Time-of-Use (TOU) rate plan where the price of electricity will vary depending on the time of day and season in which it’s used. SCP is part of the statewide Time-of-Use Phase 1 Transition program with PG&E and other California investor-owned utilities.

In April 2018, SCP transitioned 8,500 residential customers from their existing, non-TOU rate (i.e., E-1 rate) to a new TOU rate with time-variant pricing (called Peak Pricing 4–9 p.m. Every Day, or E-TOU-C3 for short). The intent is to reduce peak stress on the electric grid and help customers take more control over their electricity use. Customers may decline to participate in the program and remain on a non-TOU rate plan or choose another rate plan.


Try it risk free.

Try the E-TOU-C3 rate plan for the first 12 months with automatic bill protection. If you pay more on the generation portion of your electric bill than you would have on your current rate plan, we will credit you the difference at the end of the first 12 months. If you decide you are not satisfied on this rate plan, you can switch to another rate plan at any time, and you will still be eligible for bill protection for the months that you were on the E-TOU-C3 rate plan. Some accounts may not be eligible for full bill protection.