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42% Renewable Power

Sonoma Clean Power’s default service is 42% renewable electricity from sources like geothermal, wind, and solar. We offer this cleaner electricity at competitive rates. Our CleanStart service includes 49% carbon free hydropower, so we can be sure our emissions are well below PG&E’s. That’s a great start. But things will also get better with time. Over the next few years, we will increase the amount of renewables in CleanStart while keeping our prices competitive. Since it is cleaner and competitively priced, CleanStart is a great option!

Check out our rates for residential or commercial. Commercial rates include all business, non-profit government, agricultural, and other non-residential customers.

If you want to help pioneer a clean energy economy and can afford to pay a little extra, you can sign up for our 100% local renewable service called EverGreen.