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June 2022

junio 2, 2022

Board of Directors Meeting

Monthly BOD Meeting

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junio 2, 2022

Summer on the Square

Music, Movies, Markets and more.

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junio 4, 2022

Sonoma County Pride Parade & Festival

Celebrating 36 years of Pride in Sonoma County

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junio 6, 2022

Benefits of Battery Storage

Learn how battery storage can help you save money.

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junio 16, 2022

Community Advisory Committee Meeting

Monthly CAC Meeting

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junio 17, 2022

Willits Hometown Celebration

Food, treats and tasties are available from local restaurants and vendors.

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junio 18, 2022

North Coast Wine & Food Festival

Featuring the top wines from The Press Democrat North Coast Wine Challenge competition

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junio 24, 2022

Nighttime Ventilation Cooling Instead of Air Conditioning

Less expensive and less energy-intensive alternative

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junio 29, 2022

Residential Heat Pump Water Heater Installation Training

The benefits of heat pump water heaters.

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