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Close to Home: Having a Positive Impact on Climate

Published on 12/03/2016

Close to Home: Having a Positive Impact on Climate Far Beyond Our Borders

The Press Democrat | December 03, 2016
By Ann Hancock

Sonoma County is having a big, positive impact statewide and beyond. Regardless of the nation’s shift in political leadership, this will continue and should because global climate change affects everything, everyone, everywhere. Recognizing this, we created the Center for Climate Protection in 2001 to deliver solutions that would spread far beyond our borders.

One example is community choice energy. You know it as Sonoma Clean Power. This program enables the community to make decisions about the electricity being delivered to residents and businesses.

Sonoma Clean Power results have exceeded everyone’s expectations. So far customers have saved more than $62 million on their electricity bills while being served with power that is 48 percent lower in greenhouse emissions per unit of electricity delivered than PG&E’s.

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