Customer Spotlight – City of Sonoma | Sonoma Clean Power

Customer Spotlight - City of Sonoma

Sonoma County’s First City to Upgrade to 100% Renewable Energy

By Sarah Tracy, City of Sonoma

The City of Sonoma has a proud history of being a steward of the local environment with a commitment to sustainability. All City facilities have been upgraded for energy efficiency, solar was installed on numerous facilities, and 1,100 streetlights were replaced with energy efficient LED fixtures.

This legacy continued in October 2016, when the City of Sonoma became the first city in SCP’s service territory to switch all municipal accounts to EverGreen, Sonoma Clean Power’s 100% local, renewable energy service. The decision to convert the 42 electrical accounts for all City facilities was among the many efforts undertaken by the City to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions since adopting a municipal GHG reduction plan in 2008.

“The City of Sonoma is committed to clean energy and values our partnership with Sonoma Clean Power to help reduce impacts of climate change.”

Amy Harrington

Vice Mayor and SCP Board Member

City of Sonoma

The City of Sonoma became a member of Sonoma Clean Power in 2013 with the intent of achieving greater local control and involvement over the provision of electrical services, competitive electric rates, the development of clean, local, renewable energy projects, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and the wider implementation of energy conservation and efficiency projects and programs.

When the City was notified by Sonoma Clean Power that it was eligible to participate in the Clean Start service, which constituted a 36% renewal energy rate at the time, the City opted in. And two years later, when SCP presented the opportunity to switch to the 100% local, renewable Evergreen service to the City Council, the City opted to join in order to lead by example and support the City Council’s goals on Climate Action.

Participating first in the Clean Start service, and now the EverGreen service, has provided multiple benefits to the City of Sonoma and the community including the increase of regional energy self-sufficiency and significantly reducing GHG emissions while supporting the local clean power industry. Since the conversion to EverGreen, the City has continued its commitment to GHG reduction by adopting the Climate Action 2020 measures.

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