Sonoma Goes Greener with New ‘EverGreen’ Plan | Sonoma Clean Power

Sonoma Goes Greener with New ‘EverGreen’ Plan

Sonoma Goes Greener with New ‘EverGreen’ Utility Plan

Sonoma Index-Tribune | October 10, 2016
By Christian Kallen

Taking a small step into the energy future, the City of Sonoma voted last week to become the first jurisdiction in Sonoma County, and perhaps the North Bay, to adopt the zero-emissions EverGreen plan from Sonoma Clean Power.

The optional premium plan, which uses 100 percent local renewable power sources for providing kilowatts to the city’s 42 electrical accounts, will cost the city more money than the standard CleanStart program – which uses 36 percent renewable energy – but supporters believe that it may help the city meet one of its current term goals of advancing Climate Action 2020, a countywide plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. And perhaps provide a boost in bragging rights.

“I’m not fond of paying more money for things, but I figure we’ll get between a quarter and half million dollars in free advertising because of this,” said Councilmember Gary Edwards, who sided with his four colleagues to produce a unanimous vote for the plan at the Oct. 3 council meeting.

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