Empowering Our Communities | Sonoma Clean Power

Empowering Our Communities

Empower is an agency-wide endeavor to improve the relevance, reach, and impact of Sonoma Clean Power's partnerships, offerings, and community engagement. We are committed to better serving all SCP customers, especially those we haven't reached in the past.

Meeting people where they are, prioritizing the most impacted communities in our service territory, and partnering with trusted local organizations are some of the ways we will improve and expand our support.

Knowledge is power.

Sonoma Clean Power is going "back to the basics" when it comes to our community education efforts. We want our customers to feel confident in their ability to read their bills, identify opportunities for energy savings, and understand the role SCP plays in providing their electricity.

An informed customer has the power to:

  • Choose to be an SCP customer.
  • Make decisions that are financially beneficial to their households.
  • Make choices that reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Enroll in financial assistance programs they qualify for.
  • Take advantage of the incentives and offerings available to them.

Impacted communities.

SCP identified communities in Sonoma and Mendocino counties that are most vulnerable to and impacted by pollution, socioeconomic issues, and affordability challenges. These communities are where we plan to focus our outreach and resources.

Areas for improvement.

Empower identifies four areas for improvement for Sonoma Clean Power. Each area guides SCP in allocating resources, identifying community partners, and targeting underserved and/or impacted customer groups.

Building PartnershipsIdentifying opportunities to partner with other local agencies, member cities and counties, nonprofits, and community groups on initiatives, customer offerings, public forums, events, and more.Nurturing relationships with local organizations will lead to a wider distribution of information about SCP's services and benefits, and can open a valuable channel for feedback and community input.

Customer Education

Evolving SCP's reputation as a trusted resource for information about clean energy, building electrification, fuel-switching, electric transportation, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and mitigating climate impacts on the local level.

Engaging more regularly with the public will help to keep customers better informed of SCP's offerings, clarify SCP's role in the community, and counteract misinformation.

Focus on EquityDedicating more of SCP’s time and resources to engaging with low-to-moderate income (LMI), CARE/FERA, minority, Spanish-speaking, impacted, underinvested, and underrepresented communities.Removing barriers to communication and access (e.g., language, geography, internet, ability, etc.) will improve SCP's impact and customer offerings.
Engaging YouthInviting youth to be part of SCP’s programs, discussions, initiatives, and outreach efforts.Preparing the next generation to be climate conscious and interested in energy-related careers will benefit the local economy, workforce, and environment.