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Sonoma Clean Power is your new local electricity provider, helping the environment and saving you money.

Cut your power bill and start using cleaner sources of electricity with our default service. 

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100% local renewable energy for a premium. Learn how you can help pioneer a clean energy economy today. 

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Why Choose Sonoma Clean Power?

Choice and Competition

In the past, we’ve only had one electricity provider. SCP offers you a choice of providers and creates a competitive marketplace that will encourage innovation.

More Renewables

SCP’s mix of renewable energy sources reduces the amount of greenhouse gas emissions associated with electricity use in Sonoma County. Our basic service with CleanStart cuts emissions by 30%.

Local Control

In the past, electric rates and programs were established without input from residents and businesses in Sonoma County. SCP takes back control and gives us a voice.

Local Investment

Today, $180 million in electric revenues are taken out of Sonoma County every year to pay for power generation. SCP has already contracted with the Geysers geothermal facility for 10MW, and our local investments will continue to grow over time.

Local Energy Efficiency Programs

$12 million is collected from Sonoma County ratepayers every year to use for energy efficiency programs, but ratepayers have no say about what programs are implemented—or where in the state they’re implemented. SCP can apply for a portion of that money to develop new programs that are customized for our local needs.

How It Works

How it Works