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100% local, renewable power 24/7.

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Ready to take the single easiest step to reduce your carbon footprint?

Upgrade to EverGreen today to nearly eliminate emissions from your electricity use. SCP is the only utility in California to provide you with the option of using 100% renewable, locally produced energy day AND night for your home or business. The premium for EverGreen is $0.025/kWh, so for about $13 more per month (based on an average residential customer), you can make a big difference.

Our EverGreen power mix is made up of geothermal energy from the Geysers and solar energy from four local projects. The more SCP customers who choose EverGreen, the more local renewable sources we can build!

What makes EverGreen special?

  • EverGreen power sources are generated entirely in Sonoma and Mendocino counties.
  • By tapping solar by day and geothermal by night, this 100% renewable option doesn’t need to be backed up by dirty power such as natural gas.
  • By helping build new local sources, EverGreen customers are supporting the local economy, creating jobs, and promoting efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

We want to hear from you!

Local Resource Plan

Sonoma Clean Power’s EverGreen service provides our customers with the option to power their homes and businesses with 100% renewable, locally-produced, geothermal and solar energy day and night. Our EverGreen customers pay a premium which supports the development of new renewable energy facilities in our service territory. As EverGreen participation has continued to increase, it has driven the need for more local renewable energy sources to be built.

SCP invites the public to provide their written input on the future of renewable energy development locally. Your input will help form the plan for future local renewable development. SCP wants to know what sources of renewable energy are preferred, what development strategies are preferred, and what technical and practical suggestions the public has regarding various local resource considerations. Please fill out our online survey to have your voice heard.

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Powerful results

With an increased focus on sustainable practices, local companies choose EverGreen showing that small changes can be a big solution for our world.

Delves Kelly Kinsey2

Seismic Brewery

Proud EverGreen Customer


City of Cotati

Proud EverGreen Customer

Hobo 6939 4x6 tight

Hobo Wine Company

Proud EverGreen Customer

Jordan 7663

Jordan Winery

Proud EverGreen Customer


City of Sebastopol

Proud EverGreen Customer


Traditional Medicinals

Proud EverGreen Customer



Proud EverGreen Customer


City of Sonoma

Proud EverGreen Customer

RRV 5052

Russian River Vineyards

Proud EverGreen Customer