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100% Local, Renewable Electricity

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Power your life and your business with 100% renewable energy.

We all use electricity. Why not feel great about where it comes from?

Sonoma Clean Power is the only utility in California to offer you the option of 100% renewable, locally generated energy 24/7. For about $13 more per month (based on an average residential customer), you can power your home with EverGreen.

Using solar during the day and geothermal when the sun goes down, EverGreen provides renewable energy every day of the year.

Choosing EverGreen is one of the biggest climate actions you can take. EverGreen eliminates nearly all the greenhouse gas emissions from your electricity use. So keep doing what you love, and feel good about the energy that's powering your life.


Businesses leading by example.

Our choices make a big difference. And for business owners, your influence may be even greater. Local businesses like Paradise Sushi are choosing EverGreen to reduce their emissions and lead by example. Choose EverGreen for your business and inspire your customers and neighboring businesses to take climate action, too.

By choosing EverGreen, we're working to serve authentic Sushi and Hibachi cuisine, connect with customers, and be a part of making an impact on our local community through a commitment to clean energy.

Gustavo Martinez

100% renewable customer since 2022

Supporting local energy sources.

The Geysers is one of the largest geothermal power plants in the world – and it’s right in our backyard! Geothermal energy is a baseload resource, meaning there is a constant supply.

The Geysers generate renewable energy 24/7 by turning reclaimed water into steam. Four miles beneath the Earth's surface, magma converts the water to steam. The steam turns a large turbine, then a generator converts the turbine's momentum to electrical energy.

Local solar projects supply the other side of EverGreen. Sonoma Clean Power worked with local landowners and solar developers to build 6 megawatts (MW) of small-scale solar in Mendocino and Sonoma counties. That's enough to power 2,500 homes.

SCP provides the renewable energy generated by these projects to its EverGreen customers. And as the commitment to EverGreen grows, so does the support to build more local energy sources.

Powerful results

Cities and counties walk the walk.

Nine of Sonoma Clean Power’s member cities and counties have switched all, or some, of their facilities to EverGreen.

City of Cotati

Upgraded in 2019

County of Mendocino

Upgraded in 2022

City of Petaluma

Upgraded in 2021

City of Rohnert Park

Upgraded in 2021

City of Santa Rosa

Upgraded in 2020

City of Sebastopol

Upgraded in 2019

City of Sonoma

Upgraded in 2017

County of Sonoma

Upgraded in 2020

Town of Windsor

Upgraded in 2019