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Ever feel like you can’t make a positive impact on the climate crisis?

SCP is the only utility in California to provide you with the option of 100% renewable, locally produced energy day AND night for your home or business. The premium for EverGreen is $0.025/kWh, so for only about $13 more per month (based on an average residential customer), you can eliminate nearly all greenhouse gas emissions from your electricity use.

By upgrading to EverGreen, you will significantly reduce your carbon footprint without having to make any other changes to your lifestyle.

Our EverGreen power mix is made up of geothermal energy from the Geysers and solar energy from three local feed-in-tariff projects. The more SCP customers who choose EverGreen, the more local renewable sources we can build!

The Geysers – A 24/7 powerhouse

You've probably heard of the Geysers before, but did you know it's one of the largest geothermal power plants in the world? We’re incredibly fortunate to have this baseload resource right here in our service territory.

The Geysers generates renewable energy 24/7 by harnessing steam produced by magma located just over four miles beneath the surface. Tapping into this steam turns a large turbine connected to a generator, which converts mechanical energy to electrical energy. To create more steam, the Geysers utilizes reclaimed water from the City of Santa Rosa.

The Geysers power our EverGreen service when the sun isn’t shining and provides energy insurance when energy demand is high.

How it works

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Powerful results

With an increased focus on sustainable practices, local companies choose EverGreen showing that small changes can be a big solution for our world.

Delves Kelly Kinsey2

Seismic Brewery

Proud EverGreen Customer

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Hobo Wine Company

Proud EverGreen Customer

Jordan 7663

Jordan Winery

Proud EverGreen Customer


Traditional Medicinals

Proud EverGreen Customer



Proud EverGreen Customer

RRV 5052

Russian River Vineyards

Proud EverGreen Customer



Are Sonoma Clean Power’s default CleanStart service and premium EverGreen service really greener than PG&E?


Yes. By contracting with cleaner generating sources SCP is able to offer electricity that has fewer greenhouse gas emissions compared to PG&E’s mix.

SCP’s CleanStart service is 49% renewable and 91% carbon-free, from sources considered renewable under California’s regulations, like wind, solar, biomass, and geothermal, and 42% from large hydropower facilities. The remaining power comes from “system power,” which is largely natural gas, but may include some renewables.

EverGreen is 100% renewable power from geothermal and solar generated in SCP’s service territory. The premium for EverGreen is 2.5 cents per kilowatt-hour or about $13 more per month for the average residential customer. For those who want to help pioneer a clean energy economy, you can switch to EverGreen at any time! Learn more.


What are the sources of SCP's electricity?


Sonoma Clean Power is committed to increasing renewable energy, supporting the local economy, and providing competitively priced service. That’s quite a few goals, and no one power source can deliver all of them, which is why we use a combination of sources. You can view a breakdown of our current mix on our Power Sources page.