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A first in California - The only utility provider to provide 100% local, renewable power 24/7.

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Working to solve climate change today

Ready to watch your carbon footprint virtually disappear? Upgrade to SCP’s 100% local renewable EverGreen service and eliminate nearly all greenhouse emissions from your electricity use. EverGreen delivers clean energy made locally.

Tapping solar by day and geothermal energy by night, that’s 24/7 renewable delivery - a first for California customers. For about $13 more per month, for the average residential customer, you can make a big impact. We can take a powerful stand and solve climate change. Together.

We’re committed to the environment and good health...By choosing EverGreen we’ve met our goal of using 100% renewable energy. It’s good for us and our local community.

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Are CleanStart and EverGreen really greener than PG&E?


By contracting with cleaner generating sources SCP is able to offer electricity that has fewer greenhouse gas emissions compared to PG&E’s mix.

SCP’s CleanStart is 49% renewable and 87% carbon free, from sources considered renewable under California’s regulations, like wind, biomass and geothermal, and 42% from large hydropower facilities. The remaining power comes from “system power,” which is largely natural gas, but may include some renewables.

EverGreen is 100% local renewable power from geothermal and solar. The premium for EverGreen is 2.5 cents per kilowatt-hour or about $13 more per month for the average residential customer. For those who want to help pioneer a clean energy economy, you can switch to EverGreen at any time! Learn more.


What are the sources of SCP's electricity?


Sonoma Clean Power is committed to increasing renewable energy, supporting the local economy and also providing competitively priced service. That’s quite a few goals, and no one power source can deliver all of them, which is why we use a combination of sources. You can view a breakdown of our current mix on our Power Sources page.