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Power Sources

Providing you clean electricity

At Sonoma Clean Power, we understand the value clean air makes for our community and generations to come. That’s why we contract for energy from a variety of clean sources such as hydropower, geothermal, solar, biomass, and wind. Our diverse power mix means our customers can reduce their carbon footprint and help create healthy communities. No extra effort required.

When customers start their electrical service, they automatically benefit from our CleanStart service. For those dedicated to making a larger impact on fighting the climate crisis, our EverGreen service delivers 100% local renewable electricity.


Our CleanStart service is 91% carbon-free.

Diverse Mix of Sources

50% renewable electricity (wind, solar, geothermal, etc.)

40% carbon-free large hydroelectric power

9% general system power

Rounding may cause these percentages to adjust beyond 100%.


Our EverGreen service is 100% Renewable.

Diverse Mix of Sources

87% Geothermal

14% Solar

Rounding may cause these percentages to adjust beyond 100%.

SCP's Power Sources 

2022 Emission Factor:

CleanStart - 112 lbs CO2e/MWh

EverGreen - 70 lbs CO2e/MWh

Geothermal Development Opportunity

NOTE: SCP's ProFIT program is closed.

Building local, renewable energy

Our community is powering success with ProFIT, our fully subscribed feed-in-tariff program. With six projects online, we are now generating local, renewable energy for our EverGreen customers. Location matters, which is why all our ProFIT projects are built right here in Sonoma and Mendocino counties.

Lavio Family

First ProFit project in 2018.

Altenreuther Family

Powering 300 EverGreen homes.

Cloverdale Solar Center

4,060 solar panels generating clean energy.


Willits becomes Mendocino County's first local solar project.

Bodega Energy West

Started off the new year with this 1 MW project coming online.

Petaluma Energy East

Our most recently completed project.