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Customer Service Policy A.2

Terms and Conditions of Service Policy

Sonoma Clean Power Authority shall maintain at all times an official copy of Sonoma Clean Power’s (SCP’s) Terms and Conditions of Service as an attachment to this Policy A.2. An identical version of the Terms and Conditions of Service shall be used to fulfill legal noticing requirements and in other instances where references to the Terms and Conditions of Service (“Terms and Conditions”) are made. Also in accord with Administrative and General Policy D.3, substantive changes to the terms and conditions shall be presented as an amendment to this Customer Service Policy A.2, to the Community Advisory Committee for review, comment and recommendation, and subsequently presented to the Board of Directors for approval by motion. Upon final approval by the Board of Directors the amended or updated Terms and Conditions of Service attached to this Policy.

Customer Service Policy A.2 Attachment

Terms and Conditions of SCP Service


Sonoma Clean Power (SCP) electric generation rates are set with the intention of providing its customers clean electricity at competitive rates. Changes to SCP rates are adopted at duly noticed public meetings of the Sonoma Clean Power Authority Board of Directors which is advised by a Community Advisory Committee and SCP staff. Customers may establish and maintain service under the standard CleanStart Service Tariff or may elect to upgrade to SCP’s EverGreen Service Tariff, which is 100% local, renewable energy. Please visit sonomacleanpower.org or call our local contact center at 1 (855) 202-2139 for more information.

PG&E will continue to charge all customers for electric delivery service and natural gas service, if applicable. SCP customers pay to PG&E a Power Charge Indifference Adjustment (PCIA) and Franchise Fee Surcharge in addition to electric delivery charges. Please contact PG&E for more information about its charges.


SCP customers receive a single combined monthly bill from PG&E that includes all energy-related charges, including SCP electric generation charges and PG&E’s electric delivery charges. SCP electric generation charges replace PG&E’s electric generation charges.

PG&E is required to charge all customers for transmission, distribution, public goods programs and other non-generation charges at the same rates regardless of who supplies the customer with electric generation. Customers pay the entirety of their charges to PG&E and PG&E forwards payments to SCP for its portion of charges.

Discount Programs

Customers currently enrolled in the California Alternative Rates for Energy (CARE) program, the Family Electric Rate Assistance (FERA) program, Medical Baseline, or receive the PG&E employee discount will continue to receive all these benefits and discounts as an SCP customer.


California State Assembly Bill 117, enacted into law in 2002 (Public Utilities Code section 366.2), requires Community Choice Energy programs such as SCP to operate as the default electric generation provider through an automatic enrollment process. Except in the cases of customers served by the Cities of Healdsburg and Ukiah through their city operated public power utilities, SCP is the default electricity provider for the Counties of Sonoma and Mendocino. You may request to return to PG&E electric generation at any time. To upgrade to SCP’s 100% local, renewable EverGreen Service or return to PG&E generation service call our local contact center at 1 (855) 202-2139 or visit our website at sonomacleanpower.org. Please have your PG&E account number available so that we may process your request.

Opt Out

You may opt out of SCP electric generation service at any time by calling 1-(855) 202-2139 or by completing the opt out form at sonomacleanpower.org/opt-out. You will need your PG&E account information to begin the opt out process.

There is no fee to opt out before enrollment or in the first 60 days of receiving SCP service. All customers will also be subject to PG&E’s terms and conditions of service, which will prohibit you from returning to SCP for a full year after your opt out date.

If you return to PG&E generation service after receiving SCP service for more than 60 days, PG&E requires that you choose one of the following options to return to its service:

Option 1: Return to PG&E generation service at the end of the current billing cycle. You will be billed at PG&E’s transitional rates for a six-month period, and PG&E’s standard bundled electricity rates thereafter.

Option 2: Give six month’s advance notice of your intent to return to PG&E generation service. At the end of the six-month notice period, you will be returned to PG&E service and billed PG&E’s standard bundled electricity rates.

Accounts cannot be transferred in the middle of a billing cycle. Your opt out request must be received at least 5 business days prior to your meter read date in order to switch service to PG&E before your next billing cycle begins. All other opt out requests will be processed on the subsequent meter read date. If you opt out or otherwise stop receiving service from SCP, you will be charged for all SCP electricity used before ending SCP electric service.

Failure to Pay

SCP may transfer delinquent accounts to PG&E upon 14 calendar days’ written notice to the customer. Delinquent accounts will be required to pay the termination fee described above to process the transfer. Transfer back to PG&E does not relieve the customer of paying SCP charges and/or other charges due and owing including, PG&E charges, nor does it halt any PG&E shut-off procedures. Customers may be subject to collections by SCP and/or PG&E for all amounts due and owing plus interest, penalties, and other charges associated with the delinquent account.

Customer Privacy Policy

SCP’s Notice of Accessing, Collection, Storing, Using, and Disclosing Energy Usage Information Policy can be found at sonomacleanpower.org/privacy-policy or by calling 1 (855) 202-2139.

Updated: January 01, 2021