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Putting our strategies into action

Customer Offerings & Incentives

Curious how Sonoma Clean Power plans to implement and achieve our strategic plans? We invite you to review our Strategic Action Plan below.

Programs Equity Framework

We are committed to offering our customers clean energy solutions that enhance quality of life while helping to solve climate change. We are incorporating the Framework into our program work and internal management practices and developing goals for better equity, diversity, and inclusion.

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Community Needs Assessments

Sonoma Clean Power's commitment to our community is reflected in our Community Needs Assessments. We've been actively assessing the needs of our community in three key areas: transportation & mobility, residential energy use & resiliency, and agricultural energy use. We'll also kick off a commercial energy use & resiliency study later this year. Our focus remains on making informed decisions in program development, with a particular emphasis on Environmental Social Justice communities, low-income, and underserved populations.

Our community engagement process aims to understand the values, needs, and priorities of SCP's communities to shape future program offerings effectively. To accomplish this, SCP has implemented a range of engagement strategies, which are detailed below. We've partnered with Tierra Resources Consulting for agricultural matters, Sacramento Municipal Utility District for the residential & commercial interests, and EVNoire for transportation & mobility.


At Sonoma Clean Power, we believe in the power of local voices. With that in mind, we conducted interviews to understand the needs and challenges within our service area.

Between March and May 2023, we engaged in discussion with 26 agricultural customers in Sonoma and Mendocino Counties. These interviews included various sectors such as dairy, wine, livestock, crops, cannabis, and fruit to better understand their priorities, needs, and challenges within the community.

In March 2023, our second round of interviews focused on the residential communities we serve. Through in-depth conversations with contractors and community-based organizations, we uncovered invaluable insights into the needs of the communities they support. We reached out to 35 contractors and over 30 community-based organizations, ensuring representation across service types and geographical regions to ensure a diverse range of voices. We completed 10 interviews with community-based organization representatives and seven interviews with contractors, providing a broad understanding of the communities and organizations we aim to support.

Between May and August 2023, our third round of interviews focused on transportation and mobility, examining the priorities, needs, and challenges facing our communities. We reached out to numerous community organizations within our service area and conducted eight insightful interviews with key informants. These interviews have provided us with valuable perspectives on how we can better address transportation-related issues in our region.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to our community-based organization partners and community leaders for sharing their valuable feedback.

Community Needs Survey

We value direct input from our customers, which is why we are conducting surveys.

We conducted a survey of agricultural customers between May and June 2023 to gain a deeper understanding of business challenges, program participation, and their familiarity with SCP.

In September 2023, we surveyed a sample of residential customers, offering the survey in both English and Spanish. To ensure accessibility for all, we're planning to partner with local community groups to help customers without internet access, computers, or mobile phones complete paper surveys in person.

Additionally, in the upcoming fall of 2023, SCP will launch a survey to provide a territory-wide perspective on community needs in transportation & mobility.

Community Focus Group Discussions

SCP is partnering with community-based organizations, NAACP Santa Rosa – Sonoma County and North Bay Electric Auto Association, to host focus group discussions on transportation burdens. The sessions bring together community leaders to discuss transportation, particularly its impact on Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC), low-income, rural, and pollution-burdened communities.

A big thank you to our community-based organization partners and community members who took the time to share feedback at the listening sessions!

Agricultural Community Needs Assessment Report

SCP conducted an agricultural community needs assessment in Sonoma and Mendocino Counties in 2023. The final report is linked here. The report is currently available in English. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at Chapter 4 of the report highlights the needs, challenges, and opportunities customers identified through in-depth interviews and an online survey. In Chapter 5, you can learn more about program and strategy recommendations which include the following:

  • Conduct near-term follow-up research and engagement with key local market actors.
  • Develop a strategy for ongoing and long-term engagement with key partners
  • Develop technical support resources and establish SCP as the customer’s “energy expert” in the marketplace.
  • Conduct a detailed benefit-cost analysis of agricultural customer demand-side management measures and programs.
  • Prepare a modeling tool for estimating the load shape and cost impacts of an integrated suite of agricultural customer energy measures.
  • Develop a comprehensive agricultural sector single point of contact resource program.
  • Develop a program focused on the water-energy nexus.
  • Develop and deploy targeted demonstrations and pilot projects.
  • Form a farm implement electrification manufacturers and product distributors consortium or collaborative.
  • Develop a program designed to assist with tackling the farmworker housing shortage.
  • Provide market support for electric farm equipment and battery-electric tractor charging.

Read the Agricultural Community Needs Assessment

Next Steps

After completing the community needs assessments, SCP will use the recommendations, survey results, and interview summaries to help plan future programs.