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Residential Customers

A healthy future is priceless

As your local utility provider, Sonoma Clean Power provides cleaner electricity with more renewable energy to Sonoma and Mendocino County homes. As a shared customer between SCP and PG&E you benefit from having choice, receiving cleaner electricity at competitive prices, and continue to receive the same reliability you’ve enjoyed in the past.

How it works. SCP generates the clean electricity you use in your home and PG&E delivers it on their existing power lines. As a shared customer you pay SCP for cleaner energy with stable rates and continue to pay PG&E to maintain their power poles and wires. To start and stop service, report outages or emergencies, you’ll still call PG&E. They will continue to maintain the grid and read your meter.

Our rates. Our residential rates vary depending on the type of service you choose: CleanStart, a mix of 49% renewable energy or EverGreen, our premium mix of 100% clean energy, produced locally.

It’s simple. Even though you pay SCP for electric generation and PG&E for electric delivery, you get one combined bill every month from PG&E. As a shared customer of SCP and PG&E you'll gain access to SCP exclusive customer programs while maintaining eligibility for PG&E energy upgrade rebates.

Discounts. With SCP, environmental savings are automatic and you are still eligible for financial assistance programs. If you currently receive the CARE, FERA, or Medical Baseline discount, you will continue to receive your full discount. You do not need to re-apply.