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Residential Customers

Powering everyday moments

With a community whose needs are as diverse as our local landscape, we strive to provide services and customer programs that benefit everyone. That’s why, as your local energy provider, SCP offers cleaner electricity, stable rates , and energy-saving programs to help improve the quality of life of all our customers, today and for years to come.

CleanStart is designed for maximum participation and is our standard service. With CleanStart, you receive electricity that is 50% renewable and 91% carbon free at about the same cost as PG&E.

If you’re looking to do more for the environment and can afford to pay a little extra, consider upgrading to our premium EverGreen service. SCP is the only utility in California to provide you with the option of purchasing 100% renewable, locally produced energy day AND night.

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Contributing to a clean energy future.

We tailor our programs for our customers’ needs. Being a shared customer of SCP and PG&E, you'll gain access to SCP’s exclusive customer programs, while maintaining eligibility for PG&E energy upgrade rebates.

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