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If you have roof-top solar or a wind turbine, we'll pay you to generate clean energy.

NOTICE: NetGreen’s cash out process is changing in spring 2020. Customers will transition to NetGreen 2.0 following the spring cash out period (April to May). For more details, please visit the resources section below.

Energizing our community

Got solar? If you have roof-top solar or a wind turbine, Sonoma Clean Power will pay you for extra energy your system generates through NetGreen, our net energy metering system. Become part of one of the most generous net energy metering programs in California.

How it works

When your system generates more clean energy than is necessary to power your home or business, SCP pays you. When you consume more energy than your system generates, you pay SCP.

Generate green by impacting climate change.

Customers that generate local clean energy make a tangible difference in our community. That’s why SCP credits you at its retail rate plus 1¢ for extra electricity generated.

Big impact, big reward. Each spring, if your generation credit balance exceeds $100, SCP will automatically send you a check up to $5,000. Credit balances below $100 will roll over to the following month. Best of all you never lose your credits.*

Billing changes, consistent benefits. SCP bills generation monthly to simplify payments and monitor system performance. Transmission and distribution are still billed annually by PG&E.

*By law, NetGreen Aggregation customers are not eligible to receive credit cash-outs and credits are re-set to zero annually.



Solar customers generating clean local electricity



Paid to NetGreen customers since 2015



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What's Net Energy Metering?

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NEM Billing

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