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Become your own power plant with SCP’s NetGreen+ program!

Solar Billing Plan (NEM 3.0)

Solar Billing Plan is SCP's billing structure for new solar customers who submitted an interconnection request after April 15, 2023. This plan adjusts your solar benefits based on your electricity generation and usage.

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Solar and solar+ customers producing clean energy locally helps establish our independence from dirty energy sources that harm the environment. That’s why we’ll pay you when you generate clean energy and export it to the grid.

Energizing our community

If you have solar panels at your home or business, Sonoma Clean Power will pay you for the excess energy your system generates for the grid through NetGreen, our Net Energy Metering (NEM) program.

How it works

When your system generates more clean energy than is necessary to power your home or business, SCP pays you. When you consume more energy than your system generates, you pay SCP.

Generate green by impacting climate change. Customers that generate local clean energy make a tangible difference in our community. That’s why if you generate more electricity than you use during a billing cycle, SCP credits you at its retail rate. This credit is automatically applied toward future electricity consumption.

Big impact, big reward. Customers who are annual net energy generators in kilowatt-hours (kWh) during the cash out period (spring to spring) will be paid for their annual excess energy exported to the grid at SCP’s Net Surplus Compensation (NSC) Rate*, which is PG&E’s 12-month Net Surplus Compensation rate average plus $0.01/kWh for the calendar year preceding the cash out.

  • Customers with a NSC balance below $200 will have their NSC balance applied as an on-bill credit on a subsequent PG&E statement.
    • Note: some customers with a NetGreen retail credit balance above $200 may have less than $200 in NSC and would therefore not receive a check, but instead have the NSC applied as a bill credit.

Billing changes, consistent benefits. SCP bills generation charges monthly to simplify payments, and to monitor system performance. In months where you don’t have enough NetGreen credits accrued to offset SCP electric generation charges, you’ll be billed for the net electricity consumed in that month. Transmission and distribution are still billed annually by PG&E. We understand billing can be complicated. Scroll down for a helpful video on NEM billing, or visit our Billing webpage for additional details.

2024 NSC Rate: $0.08888

*By law, NetGreen Aggregation customers are not eligible to receive credit cash-outs and credits are re-set to zero annually.

Solar+ Battery Storage

If you’re looking to help the grid, reduce your utility bills, and add resiliency to your home or business, solar plus battery storage may be the fit for you! With solar+ systems, you can charge the battery during the day when your solar system is generating clean energy, and then have your home or business draw power from your battery during the evening hours when grid power is dirty and more expensive. Installing batteries while having solar panels allows you to store your excess solar energy in batteries rather than selling it back to the grid at wholesale prices. This gives you more control over how you use your energy and where your excess energy goes all while reducing your carbon footprint and increasing your personal resiliency.