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Commercial Customers

Clean energy future: a business model for all

At SCP, we believe you shouldn’t have to choose between clean energy and your bottom line. That’s why we make it easy for our commercial customers to provide environmental leadership, affordably.

CleanStart is designed for maximum participation and is our standard service. With CleanStart, you receive electricity that is 50% renewable and 91% carbon free while being cost competitive with PG&E.

If 50% renewable isn’t enough for you or for your business, we’ve got you covered! EverGreen is our one-of-a kind premium service. We’re the only utility in California to provide you with the option of purchasing 100% renewable, locally generated energy day AND night.

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We tailor our services for our customers’ needs. Because you are a shared customer of SCP and PG&E, you'll gain access to SCP’s exclusive customer benefits, while maintaining eligibility for PG&E energy upgrade rebates.

Non-profit EV’s

Non-profits to receive up to $22,500 off the purchase or lease.

We’re always working to bring bold ideas and practical programs to our customers. If you have a great idea, we want to hear about it! Share it with us at