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Update on SCP's Advanced Energy Build Program

Housing progress in Sonoma and Mendocino counties through Advanced Energy Build.

Through Sonoma Clean Power’s Advanced Energy Build incentive program, new highly efficient all-electric homes are currently being built in Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Fort Bragg, and the Sea Ranch. The program initially provided $3,500 per all-electric single-family home and $1,750 per multifamily unit, along with a $1,000 bonus for battery storage. However, with the ever-growing need for affordable housing, SCP increased incentives to $5,000 per home and $2,500 per multifamily unit for developments serving lower-income residents.

Currently, the program has 528 units of housing enrolled and over 75% are affordable all-electric multifamily units.

Advanced Energy Build was adapted from SCP’s Advanced Energy Rebuild program, which was developed in partnership with Pacific Gas and Electric Company and the Bay Area Air Quality Management District to support residents in the rebuilding process after the October 2017 North Bay fires.

The success of the Advanced Energy Rebuild program led to the development of a program for new construction. In November 2019, SCP’s Board of Directors approved $2.2M to support the Advanced Energy Build program with a goal of 500 homes funded. To date, $1.4M in incentives have been reserved for a total of eleven projects.

In addition to incentives, SCP collaborates with builders to ensure their designs qualify for the program’s incentives. SCP’s Advanced Energy Center offers trainings and classes on clean energy technologies and all-electric building practices. Educational opportunities are also available for future homeowners on the benefits of their new, energy-efficient appliances.

These new all-electric homes have an energy performance that averages 17% above California’s rigorous 2019 Title 24 standards and can save their occupants an average of $650 annually on their utility bills.

These savings, coupled with being cost-neutral to build and exceeding industry standards make these ultra-efficient homes a better build for contractors, residents, and our area’s future.