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AER Wins Grand Award at Bay Area Metro Awards

At this year's Bay Area Metro Awards, multiple Sonoma County agencies were recognized for their collective response to 2017 North Bay fires.

Sonoma Clean Power was a co-recipient of the Grand Award, which recognizes individuals and organizations advancing solutions to ease the housing crisis, improve the transportation system, and make the nine-county region more resilient.

Every year, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission and the Association of Bay Area Governments host the Metro Awards to highlight regional efforts that are having positive impacts on the Bay Area’s mobility, affordability, and community resilience.

SCP was honored to win the Grand Award alongside Santa Rosa CityBus, Sonoma County Transit, and Napa Vine Transit for “their work to save lives, protect communities and aid in rebuilding in response to the October 2017 North Bay fires”.

After the fires, SCP quickly established the Advanced Energy Rebuild program, in partnership with Pacific Gas and Electric Company and the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, to support residents in the rebuilding process.

There was just this horrible loss that we were dealing with of over 6,000 homes being destroyed. So, we thought what could we do as a public agency to really help rebuild our community? And that’s how Advanced Energy Rebuild came about.

Rachel Kuykendall

Senior Programs Manager

Sonoma Clean Power

Advanced Energy Rebuild offers incentives of up to $17,500 to help residents build energy-efficient and carbon-free homes. The Advanced Energy Rebuild homes will emit less pollution, use less energy, and save homeowners an average of $650 annually on their utility bills.

Over 200 residents in Sonoma Clean Power’s service territory are taking advantage of the program’s incentives, with $985,000 having been invested thus far to help the community rebuild. Collectively, the Advanced Energy Rebuild homes include 129kW of solar power and 141 kWh of battery storage.

Due to its success, Advanced Energy Rebuild is now being replicated in other California communities that have been impacted by wildfires, including Paradise, Napa County, and Butte County.

2019 Bay Area Metro Award Winner: North Bay Fires Recovery and Response (Grand Award)