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Battery Storage from Stem, Inc.

Battery Storage to Help Large Businesses Save Big

*This program has been discontinued*

SCP is partnering with Stem, Inc. to offer our large commercial and industrial businesses the opportunity to save money on their monthly energy demand costs.

By installing artificial intelligence-controlled batteries, participating customers will be able to use the stored energy during peak demand times, when power sources on the grid can be especially dirty, and prices are particularly high.

“Stem’s AI-powered energy storage service offers local, customer-based solutions that achieve our neighbors’ economic goals, while assisting Sonoma County’s nation-leading climate goals. This puts climate and energy decisions back in the hands of our customers.”

Nathan Kinsey

Account Executive

Sonoma Clean Power

There is no up-front cost to SCP’s large commercial and industrial customers. Instead, customers will pay a monthly service fee to Stem, who installs and operates the storage system, and guarantees that monthly savings on demand charges will always be greater than the service fee.

Depending on the customer’s size and usage, most can expect annual savings between 10 and 20% of their PG&E bill.

Stem is offering AI-powered storage solutions for SCP customers whose Peak Demand is greater than 400 kW, up to 7 MW. Typical energy spend for an ideal large commercial or industrial customer exceeds $200,000 a year. System size range from 100 kW/200 kWh all the way up to 5 MW/10 MWh, tailored to meet the needs and desires of the commercial or industrial customer.

For context, the smallest system is comparable to over 11,000 LED light bulbs turning on at once and shinning for two hours, while the largest system is comparable to 555,556 LED light bulbs turning on at once and shinning for two hours.

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