Customer Spotlight - Silver Oak | Sonoma Clean Power

Customer Spotlight - Silver Oak

Inside the World's Most Sustainable Production Winery

Silver Oak is a brand name that is prominent in the local Sonoma and Napa County wine industries, but what may not be as well-known is this winery’s incredible commitment to sustainability.

Beyond being a Sonoma Clean Power customer, Silver Oak has integrated water and energy conservation practices throughout its operations, uses precision viticulture in its 400+ acres of vines, and recently opened a second winery that has earned the title of being the most sustainable production winery in the world!

Silver Oak was founded in 1972 by two friends with a vison to create a Cabernet Sauvignon worthy of cellaring for decades to come. Silver Oak quickly grew in popularity and remains a family-owned and operated business to this day.

After a fire destroyed Silver Oak’s historic Oakville winery in 2006, they decided to rebuild with purpose and achieved LEED-Platinum Certification in the category of Existing Building, Operations and Maintenance (O+M) for their new building.

This ambition carried over during the conception of Silver Oak’s second winery in Alexander Valley, which recently earned LEED-Platinum Certification for Building Design and Construction (BD+C). Silver Oak’s two wineries are the first of their kind to achieve each of these certifications.

One of the key features of the new Alexander Valley winery is its net positive energy and net positive water status. The site uses the least amount of water possible per gallon of wine produced and will eventually be creating more energy and water than will be consumed.

Spread across the wineries’ buildings are 2,595 rooftop solar panels that can generate over one megawatt of electricity a year, supplying 105% of the winery’s energy needs on-site.

The goal for this winery was to push the standards of industry design through alternative energy sources, innovative water reuse systems, and reclaimed building materials.

SCP is proud to help local businesses like Silver Oak balance venture and environmental impacts by offering affordable, renewable electricity options. Silver Oak is not just adapting to the changing climate; it is leading the way into a better and more prosperous future for wine. We tip our hat to Silver Oak for their environmental leadership!

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Inside Silver Oak's Facilities